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God's Love

Five, that’s the number of failed relationships I’ve been in. If I knew what I know now the pain of feeling unloved would have never been a determining factor for my meaningless relationships. 674 more words


Gay Marriage, Tattoos, and Harry Potter - Choose your Sin

Unbelievably there are still people out there spouting off about how the terms of marriage shouldn’t be widened to accept same sex couples. Even reason isn’t sinking in to them. 840 more words

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An Earth Station One​ Six-Pack for Dragon Con​ Newbies and Veterans Alike

Each year the ESO crew look at the amazing four day event that takes over downtown Atlanta, Georgia every Labor Day weekend known as Dragon Con. 760 more words


What happened to our pubs?

Have we gentrified our pubs so much that the life and soul of “the local” has all but disappeared?

The thought came to mind recently as I sat in the bistro of our local, a typical suburban pub in Sydney within walking distance from home. 453 more words

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The phrase “stoop to conquer” was supposedly coined by Aphra Behn and refers to her play The Rover in which the well-born Hellena dresses as a low-class maid in order to win over the rakish Wilmore. 112 more words

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Gerbil Cycling!

First there were MAMILS … middle aged men in lycra but I think an older variety has been found – GERBILS . Gerbils are older than Mamils….. 183 more words

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