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The Bible

Today I want to talk about a book which has influenced the lives of countless millions; a book which – everyday – people (including myself) seek to align their thoughts and actions with. 305 more words

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Does Leviticus 27 Teach that Women are Worth Less than Men?

One of the charges leveled at the Bible and at Christianity is that it devalues women. In support of this belief, certain proof-texts are often trotted out. 585 more words

The Bible

Discovering alien life will disprove the Bible (again)

If we ever discover aliens, once again, the Bible will be disproven. How? Simple.

How could an alien species also be condemned to sin damnation by what a totally unrelated species in humanity did? 422 more words


Buzz: Stephen Greenblatt's Adam And Eve Book Coming Soon?

I don’t see the book listed yet at Amazon, but in an interview last year, Harvard’s Stephen Greenblatt, an atheist, said his next book would be on Adam and Eve. 283 more words


As you begin this week we ask that you meditate on the following scriptures and how they apply to your life and your growing relationship with the Lord. 161 more words


“Jesus is okay, but I’m not the ‘religious’ type”

In ‘69 The Byrds recorded “Jesus is just alright with me.” I’ve always liked the song but its lyrical content is remarkably shallow so I doubt I’ll be hearing it in church any time soon. 2,842 more words

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