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The Bible, A Time Machine

Matthew 24:35 NIV

Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.

I was watching a movie with my son about some kids and a time machine. 434 more words


{Mommy Journal} Facing My Fear (Pt 2)

It seems a terrible oversight that I did not specifically share any of the Scripture verses that have become precious to me in my recent battle with fear and anxiety… 614 more words


Is Nana Really Burning In Hell Right Now?

Today we remember Nana.

Nana was a sweet lady.

She adored her grandkids, loved hosting big family gatherings on Sunday afternoons, and always looked forward to her Tuesday mornings preparing breakfast for the residents at the Rescue Mission. 942 more words



I mentioned in my “Welcome” post that I would, from time to time, share my thoughts about things that go on in the world, because I find it difficult to keep my opinions to myself. 606 more words


Does Judaism really favor pluralism?


Recently, we have witnessed three major examples of intolerance in the State of Israel. First, the Mayor of Rehovot and the President of Israel refused to allow a Conservative/Masorti rabbi to officiate at a Bar/Bat mitvah ceremony for children with special needs. 1,299 more words

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2 Chronicles 14-16

These chapters tell us about the up and down reign of King Asa. In chapter 14 he does what is right in the eyes of the Lord, and God establishes he reign with peace and prosperity for the kingdom. 512 more words

The Bible

Genre - Playing by the Rules

The Bible is more of a library than a book! It contains literature of all different genres and types. Just as you wouldn’t read a novel the same way that you read your new employment contract, we can’t read every passage of scripture the same way. 205 more words

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