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Some were good. Some were bad. Some were so bad, they were good. It's Ken and Tyler's First-Ever Schlock-mas Spectacular!

Last year, my co-writer (formerly known as Ninja Hanso, Ken Adams) and I sat down and watched the 1998 Godzilla. Now this movie is a MASSIVE piece of shit. 5,152 more words


The Best of the Worst (Arm-Fall-Off-Boy)

Arm-Fall-Off-Boy (Floyd Belkin)

DC Comics

First Appearance: Secret Origins Vol. 2 #46 December 1989

Maybe he was tired of people asking what his power was, or maybe he was just really proud of it and wanted everybody to know. 104 more words

Dc Comics

The Best Of The Worst (Ulysses Soloman Archer)

With Marvel an DC totaling approximately 17,000 characters between them there are bound to be some duds. From such big names as Dazzler, to some lesser known heroes such as Phil Grayfield aka The NFL Superpro, this is a celebration of all heroes (and villains) terrible. 509 more words