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Back In My Day: #NotAllTrains

Following the recent Amtrak collision in Pennsylvania, I’ve seen a lot of folks taking a negative attitude towards the great American railway. This is truly saddening. 308 more words


Sad New Yorker: The Void

Recently The New Yorker started circulating this comic on social media, and I decided it was time to live out my unrealized dream creating depressing New Yorker comics. 25 more words


Issue #12 Now Available!

After mild anticipation following our announcement two weeks ago, issue 12 of The Annual (the first of our final four) is now available in our… 89 more words


Back In My Day - President Frankenstein

For the majority of my life I have been under the impression that we were to hold our presidential candidates to a higher standard than the average joe out on the street. 518 more words


A Brief Return to Print

We’ve been on a bit of a hiatus lately with irregular updates, postings and quarterly magazines. Luckily we were putting the hiatus to good use by preparing our first of four final print issues. 186 more words


[Procrastinating Armageddon]

Stephen Craig

Armageddon isn’t going to start itself.  Has anyone noticed that it is June 2014 and we still exist? Weren’t we supposed to go down in 2012? 775 more words