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The Swift Injustice of Human Memory

So I have debated this for many months. Memory has always fascinated me. It’s so fallible and yet so crucial to our everyday lives. So crucial that we take it for granted and assume it to be correct. 977 more words

The Adventures

NOVOS DISCOS!! - 21-01-15

Alguns discos que comprei recentemente numa feira de velharias e que queria muito mostrar-vos! Estes são aqueles que tentei pôr no outro video anterior mas no final iria ficar demasiado extenso. 32 more words

Discos De Vinil

Cupcakes, and other tips for Surviving your 20's With Your Sanity Intact.

Hey so remember that time I got so insanely busy that despite jotting down ideas and taking pictures of all my new recipes, I didn’t actually blog for 6 months? 1,479 more words

The Adventures

Bluey and the hidden entrance.

I met Bluey on Tinder. It was silly, really. We were just goofing around, talking crap…..Chin music. He had as my friend E would say “mad game.” He was very forward. 596 more words

The Adventures

The Zephyr

The Zephyr came to me and showed me the way.

At least, that’s what R thinks.

And maybe it’s true. I met the Zephyr when I was headstrong, fine. 201 more words

The Adventures

There's something about Marvin

Marvin is a slip knot.

Marvin has a type of magical power that only true masters posses. I’m not sure if it’s how he is with everyone or just our dynamic and really, I don’t want to know either way. 673 more words

The Adventures

Wish you were here: You're so old.

I received a birthday card from my ex-husband.

The inside read “wish you were here.”

“Wish you were here” had been crossed out with a black marker. 1,255 more words

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