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90's Monday: Talk Show Host

This is one of my favorite Radiohead songs. Talk Show Host is from the Romeo + Juliet soundtrack circa 1996, and it’s on the playlist I listen to while writing my… 104 more words


Ravenous (Film) Review

I actually managed to get Mr Bass to watch this week’s pick with me, which is virtually unheard of. Usually I wake up early on a Sunday morning and watch by myself. 1,446 more words

The Movies

FBF: The Pagemaster

Welcome to our very first Flashback Friday! Because Lori and I are so super #hip, we decided to add Flashback Fridays so that we can relive our childhood, talk about memories, or just wish we had some toys. 511 more words


#TBT Remembering TRL

Remember TRL? AKA Total Request Live, a television show that aired on MTV when they actually focused on music (I KNOW THEY REMOVED THEIR MUSICAL NOTES FROM THEIR LOGO). 128 more words

Snarky Opinions

Back In My Day

One of the strangest things you have to get used to when working with kids now is how much they use electronics. A lot of them have phones, most of them have a DS, and that’s just the handheld stuff. 805 more words

#TBT: Sizzler - It's What American's Want!

Sizzler – where freedom is free, and the people of America come together for two, count them, TWO dining experiences. Please tell me you’ve seen this video from a 1991 Sizzler promotion. 51 more words

Throwback Thursday

Division I. Teen Queens & High School BFFs

Here it is, the first division of the Strong Female Friendship March May Madness Tournament.  Some of the iconic television friendships can be found in teen tv shows—many of which are set in the hallowed halls of high school (regardless of actual age of actress). 81 more words