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Tommy Boy is Almost 20: Here Are 20 Fun Facts About the Film

The cinematic classic Tommy Boy hit theaters on March 31, 1995. Do the math and that mean the timeless Chris Farley (RIP)/David Spade road trip comedy is just about — yes you guessed it — 20 years old. 1,729 more words

The 90s

England Saved Me From a Life of Crime

That’s right. Moving to England literally saved me from a life of crime(s)… against fashion.

A persistent stereotype about French women is that we are all born with an innate sense of style and that, with the gift of glamour at our fingertips, we just effortlessly tumble into our clothes and make them look, and here’s a cliché if I ever heard one, timeless. 566 more words

Cultural Differences

September 1995 - A Teenage Love Letter

In the 1990s, I wrote love letters to my boyfriend. I remember there was an urgency in me that needed to express how I saw us together and how that made me feel. 376 more words


Key Slapper

For those of you who don’t know a key slapper is someone, like myself, who learned how to type on a typewriter. At least, that’s what I like to think. 848 more words

caught in the act of being less than human

we all used to be
in the same boat
do you remember that?
we were all afraid
we all had flesh
we all had things to hide… 27 more words


The Yankees Offered Their Take on The Sandlot

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The Sandlot came out in 1993 and its evolved into a widely-enjoyed baseball classic. Modern players apparently love it, too, as this video reenactment by the New York Yankees featuring: Brett Gardner, Jacoby Ellsbury, Dellin Betances, Chase Headley, Didi Gregorius and CC Sabathia would attest. 67 more words


So Excited, So Scared -- Screech's Woman

The following is a sample from my new Kindle book, So Excited, So Scared: The Saved by the Bell Retrospective, which is AVAILABLE TO BUY RIGHT NOW… 1,729 more words