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Show of Hands

This is in response to Marilyn Armstrong’s Serendipity Photo Prompt #7 – Hands on her blog, Serendipity.

The subject, of course, is hands (duh!).  Which immediately reminds me of one of the very first photos I took with my… 317 more words

That's Life


Yesterday I hemmed a pair of pants I cut off to make into shorts and when I do that I usually watch something.  Today I’m sitting here working on other computer projects. 57 more words

That's Life

Free Time

So this school year is coming to an end and I’ve been feeling a tingling need to write for ages now but never really have time. 777 more words

That's Life

Dumb traveller

I’m into travelling yes, but it’s arrogant calling myself a traveller (A little tiny bit :P)

But well I’m not arguing about this here, this post is to tell you what interesting stuff i discovered during my journeys… (lol…don’t judge) 71 more words

That's Life

Psychotic Relations

Some families are a little more tightly wrapped than others.  Even the best of families though, have a member or two who aren’t let out in public without a leash, or a minder.  778 more words

That's Life


A doctor declared the dire news. “You have rabies.” Immediately the patient whipped out a notepad and began to write.

Thinking the patient was writing out his will, the doctor said,”Calm down! 406 more words


Lack of sleep fog!

One observation from today – couldn’t take a picture.  A woman in 4″ wedge sandals at the playground didn’t look at all comfortable walking.  She looked like she was on stilts.   309 more words

That's Life