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Being So Obsessed With Convincing the World That Video Games Are "Art" Just Makes Us Look Insecure, So We Should Knock It Off

Deciding what officially constitutes “art” is a lot like trying to reach a universal agreement as to what love feels like. Both concepts are completely subjective. 1,504 more words

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107: Colour Scripting

With an idea for the layout and design of the environment in relation to the emotions I want to evoke, I wanted to work out a colour script which harmonised with those emotions. 190 more words



CyberFeminism Definition:

CyberFeminism explores new media artistic works and their portrayals of women. By examining the current tropes of women, specifically those in gaming/geek culture, I can create new and innovative representations of dynamic ladies. 1,169 more words


Flower (Vincent Diamante)

It might seem rather quaint, in an age of multimillion dollar blockbuster video game titles with Hollywood production values, to produce a retail game with no dialogue, no human or animal characters, and a story that is completely about tone rather than narrative. 670 more words

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Review: Journey

Picture courtesy of thatgamecompany.com

Developer: Thatgamecompany
Platforms: PS3 and PS4 (date TBA)

So your journey begins and you’ll never want it to stop. From the moment that you pick up your  controller and boot up  416 more words

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