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Thailand Series: Last stop - Karon, Phuket

Karon is located in the southern part of Phuket, even south of Patong.

Karon beach is the third longest beach in Phuket. The water is clear and the place is not as crowded as Patong beach. 573 more words


Such Class!

Written: 23/10/2008

I am about to begin the ‘official’ school term and I officially have a class – at last!  I have been promised that come Monday morning I will be the teacher of 21 Grade one children – my class is called P1 Red and now that I am at the end of today, my once messy classroom is looking half-decent.   109 more words


Sore Thumb

Written: 21/10/2008
Right, so Friday I had my assessment.  This proved rather tricky as I had never taught this class before, they didn’t know me etc. 710 more words


Hiking in Heels

Written: 16/10/2008

I am feeling like I’m really not in civilisation at this point in time!  But I think that is pretty normal for any teacher returning from a field trip! 824 more words


Setting up House

Written 11/10/2008

I am finally starting to get settled.  I have a lovely apartment with air-con (a BIG plus in these parts) with cable TV that has one or two American channels and every now and then, M-net series and super sport!  246 more words