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StudentsFirst's Rebecca Sibilia and Her "Charter's Little Helper," EdBuild

One of the characteristics of those pushing the test-score-driven privatization of public education is that they easily hop from “venture” to “venture.” If time is up for them at one nonprofit or education business, they just hop onto another corporate reform nonprofit or business, or they easily secure corporate-reform-philanthropy, hedge-fund, or other bucks to mushroom into yet another, likely “nonprofit, nonpartisan”-styled venture. 1,763 more words

Common Core

Más información sobre el factor de doble autenticación

El factor de doble autentificación (Two-factor authentication TFA) es un proceso de seguridad mediante el cual los usuarios proporcionan dos formas de identificación, una de estas formas es algún tipo de token físico, como una tarjeta y la otra es algo que debe ser memorizado, como un código de seguridad. 202 more words


That's the way the cookie crumbles.

Welp. Change of plans. Well…change of plans that were never officially changed in the first place back to what they originally were before they weren’t officially changed. 77 more words


The Phone Interview from Hell

In a previous post I mentioned the phone interview from hell. It was the weirdest sort of thing I could possibly think of, and I felt very de-valued as a person. 858 more words


Teach for America

Back in November I went through the process and was accepted to Teach for America. They placed me in Mississippi,  which was definitely not my first (or second) choice, but hey, I would get to teach music to kids who deserve it and have warm winters, so why not? 421 more words


Still waiting for Superman: White saviors and systemic racism in Baltimore City Schools

This post was jointly written with Katia Hildebrandt and crossposted from her blog.

“No nation can enslave a race of people for hundreds of years, set them free bedraggled and penniless, pit them, without assistance in a hostile environment, against privileged victimizers, and then reasonably expect the gap between the heirs of the two groups to narrow.

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