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Duplicity thoughts that hurt me... Why do I imagine this 😶


Friend                        19:05
Meet @ Park bench in ten xo


Leah thought Jen hated her but recently it’s been looking a lot like gossip, at worst cherry jealousy. 854 more words

Word-Predict Fail

That moment when the coworkers of the guy you’re dating send you a super helpful email with suggestions for Israel, so you message him on What’sApp to say that you “love love love them!”, but word-predict decides to do you a solid and you hit send before you realize.

I hate my life.

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Stop texting right now and learn from the Chinese: there's a better way to message

Voice messaging—or sending short audio clips instead of text messages—has taken China by storm. Step on a Beijing subway and you’ll see people barking into their phones intermittently, as if they’re using walkie-talkies. 926 more words

Texting drivers: Police support device that could stop people sending SMS messages while behind the wheel

Victoria Police supports the idea of an invention that blocks drivers from texting.

Inspector Bernie Rankin from the Major Collision Investigation Unit told the ABC at least six fatal accidents in the past two years in Victoria were caused by texting drivers. 506 more words

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Earlier today the worship leader of our youth group called me so we could set up a time to meet and plan songs for an upcoming missions trip. 579 more words


Wise Words Wednesday - The Truth Always Comes Out

Boys think they’re so goddamn clever.

At lunch today, I’m sitting with my guy friends and they are talking about how “smooth they are with the ladies.” 381 more words


The New Age Guide To Proper Texting Etiquette

1. Not Texting Back Is Genius

Best way to gain power over someone is to ignore them. It’s a tried-and-true method. But damn is it ruthless. 721 more words