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V is for Vacuous Parents

There are times when it’s hard to determine whether to intervene in the lack of parenting of others. When a child is in harm’s way, it’s even tougher to hold our tongues. 159 more words


Things I Despise: The Monday Moning Edition


If you have ever tried to call me, you know, I do not answer my phone.
Nor do I respond messages. 172 more words


{texting + driving}

I am genuinely curious, why do people text while they drive? I’m not trying to sound preach-y, I just honestly wonder. Are they having an argument with someone close? 702 more words


The Evolution of the English Language: Modern Day Communication

The English language has always been a mix of languages and because of that, it has continuously evolved over time. In this post, I specifically want to focus on late modern English (1900 – present) since this is my final blog for my Social Media Communications class. 389 more words


Nearly Two Decades of Technology

How easily we forget how things were …

The day I retired I prepared to leave the office after clearing my desk of myriad late twentieth century clutter.  1,526 more words


This Quick Guy

He’s not the first to suggest my baby nephew has a WASPy name, but he gets points for best delivery.

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Texpress...I'm Done!

So you’re probably wondering what I’m talking about here. I thought it was important to write a post about text messages being used as a form of communication to express one’s feelings. 331 more words