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5 Dating Conventions Overthinkers Can't Even Handle

When I type “overthink” into Google, it gives me this result:


think about (something) too much or for too long.
“must you overthink every relationship?” 712 more words

How to Annoy me

Be my friend’s new beau whom I’ve yet to meet. Take her phone away from her when I am texting her about asinine issues you need not be reading about and text me a horrible message about how she is going to fuck your brains out and service you because you deserve it then call yourself funny for doing all of that.

Grow up, asshat.

How To Annoy Me

Am I Allowed to Review the Apple Watch?

I’m no gadget guru but when new devices are released to the market, I often find a need to do anything and everything to get my own.   1,250 more words



Well isn’t this a vile, repugnant and sorry state of affairs? Don’t get me wrong, I love schadenfreude and thoroughly enjoy stupid people exploiting themselves for my amusement, but I draw the line at greedy, money grabbing, fly by night assholes doing the same. 381 more words

Formality And Conformity

Men need to evolve...

He didn’t reply me again #FirstWorldProblem

These days, most of the woman are asking Google of what to do when guys don’t reply back to your text or doesn’t return your call. 191 more words


Here's The Thing: You Don't Need To Be Texting Someone Nonstop

Call it a side-effect of working full-time on the internet, but I’ve made a (not really) shocking discovery lately.

Happiness does not come in the form of a text message. 789 more words