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Beauty in discarded copper, woven into textiles. Neha Lad's experiments with found materials. She lives in Paris. See Blogroll for a link.

Woven textiles /

Patinated /

Shortlisted for a textile commission for National Theatre, London: copper & newspaper backing /

Woven Wires /

Electrical waste experiment


Getting Fancy with your Fibers

This was a fiberlicious weekend!  What I mean is that I had some time to explore the fabulous world of fancy fibers and glitzy threads.  As you can see in the picture below, I’ve managed to put together a very nice collection of specialty fibers, threads, beads, and couching materials.  794 more words



Since thinking about using my shoe imagery for my ceramic work, I wanted to try screenprinting the images in block, outlined colour onto plain paper to see if they would be effective on a blank ceramic surface. 59 more words


From some of the images I have already created and like, I wanted to see how I could transfer them onto material. Using a an iron on transfer, I printed my images out and then ironed them onto leather and silk. 129 more words



After going about the city and sketching/taking photographs, I decided to pick out parts I liked most to create patterns.

I decided to look at bricks, cobbles, taffic lights, traffic cones, illuminated bollards and architecture. 59 more words


Level descriptors for Drawstring Bag project

A level descriptor slide for my Year 7 group. I put this on the whiteboard throughout the practical in their lesson so pupils can self assess and target what they need to do. 12 more words



Spinning wool or plant fibres into yarn or thread has been one of the main human activities throughout history, alongside gathering edible plants, fishing, hunting, caring for children, and various types of agriculture. 772 more words