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We Need To Focus On Fashion News!

Hiyas fabulous people, Kim here, back with another Discussion Friday for ya. I’ve been wanting to really get into this topic for a while but I wasn’t really sure how to go about it and I didn’t quite have the time to really compose it and kept pushing it back of when I wanted to talk about. 525 more words


Not-Christian Explains Love and Marriage to Gays

Right Wing Watch posted about Christian conservative activist Wayne Allyn Root—the same one who posited that Obama must have blackmailed Justice Roberts on the Obamacare decision—going on a radio show and positing that gay people are just going to be getting all divorced all the time. 192 more words



she was a mess
and he thought she was a masterpiece.
he thought every pore, ever bump, every scar was perfect.

she was bothered by this… 131 more words



I was so very blessed to be able to spend some time with a couple of gal friends out on the lake the last few days.   411 more words


Welcome, Cynics!

Hello, hello, and welcome. Have a seat and feel free to help yourself to a cup of some freshly-brewed sarcasm. Or two.

If you found me through my French blog, I am very pleased. 194 more words


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My first post ever on WordPress! Re-reading it, I realized how far I've come on this amazing blogging journey. :)

give me a beret-k!


The only thing that never changes is change itself.

I’ve come across the epigram multiple times, most recently from a friend’s semi-cantabile, gratuitous translation of Wang Leehom’s “

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Sabrina Oh

A Post In Which I Overshare More Than Normal On This Blog

10 Types of Kisses

1) First kiss. This kiss is rushed, definitely awkward, and will induce an asthma attack due to the fact that you forgot to breathe and then deeply inhaled all of the fumes from the surrounding tiki torches. 607 more words