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Part 2 for today.

You’ve been running circles in my brain.

I wish you’d leave,

Just like the rain.

Sustainable Furniture...

Sustainable furniture is furniture which has been built in a way which is deemed sustainable, meaning that it is environmentally friendly. Companies may independently determine that their products adhere to sustainability guidelines, or they may pursue certification through an organization which conducts audits and inspections to verify claims that products are sustainable. 171 more words


"A lexicon of linguistic limber-ups and verbal verbosity!" The voiceover artist's playground

Q) What’s the difference between a buffalo and a bison?

A) You can’t wash your hands in a buffalo.

That joke sits in my top ten of ‘Dad’ jokes which become funnier with each telling. 315 more words

#VO Stuff

A Sustainability Tree-house...

“The Sustainability Treehouse, a Living Building Challenge targeted interpretive and gathering facility situated in the forest at the Summit Bechtel Reserve, serves as a unique icon of camp adventure, environmental stewardship and innovative building design. 101 more words



I’ve been a mess.

I’ve been a mess.

Since all I can remember,

Is all the thoughts that I’ve missed.

I’ve been burying my soul, 104 more words

Combined Heat and Power Plant...

I’ve found this Image of the ESF gateway center a sectional elevation, giving me a more understanding of how they have used a combined heat and power plant within the design. 46 more words