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Merck Cancer Drug Shines Against Skin, Lung Cancer

Merck’s immune-boosting cancer drug, Keytruda, bested the standard of care in advanced melanoma, the deadly skin cancer, and showed promising results in non-small cell lung cancer. 13 more words

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Tourism, Plain and Simple...

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In this post I want to briefly highlight the tourism aspect of wine in the state of Texas.  I want to shed light on the progress it has been making (started from the bottom now we are …?), the economic benefit it has on the state and what are your options if you were to ever be interested in taking a wine tour. 342 more words

Scott Walker's Liberal Math For The Milwaukee Bucks New Arena

Scott Walker wants taxpayers to help pay for a new arena for the rich owners of the Milwaukee Bucks.

from Forbes – Business http://ift.tt/1OYBl7C
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The Marriage Of Natural Gas And Microgrids Is Greening Manufacturing

Natural gas, which not long ago was thought in short supply, has transformed electric generation, allowing it to be cleaner and more efficient. The main beneficiaries are manufacturers, which are voracious consumers of energy, but which now can choose where to get it – from utilities, or by generating it themselves. 13 more words

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Millennials Are Failing Because We Are Failing Them: The STEM Gap

The United States is faced with a harsh reality: Many of today’s Millennial students lack the skills necessary to fill the STEM positions of tomorrow. And, without a collective effort to change, the United States will continue its decline in global competitiveness. 12 more words

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Three Examples Of Give Me Five (2015)

1. Hand slap.
2. Payment.
3. Quintuplets.
Precious 5 to see-
From League City.