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Android App Arena 35: Viewer's Choice by TWiT


Host: Jason Howell

This week it’s a viewer’s choice — apps you’ve sent in, including App Dialer, Smart Launcher 2, WAYFARE, and Flynx.

Send in your app tips to arena@twit.tv. 37 more words


QuiltCon2015- Appliqué Part I

I was afraid all of you would get bored with this slow journey through the QuiltCon 2015 exhibition, but you folks seem to like it. 152 more words

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'Justified' Creator Graham Yost Talks Boyd, Raylan And The Showdown That Ends The FX Series

It’s a good time to be Graham Yost. The creator of FX’s Justified finished shooting the last episode of the series only days ago. He’s still got to finish editing the last couple of episodes, and then his work on one of the most stylish and entertaining shows on television is done. 162 more words

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The Performance Management Hoax

I worked with engineers for a long time. Working with very logical people changes your brain chemistry, and I am grateful every day for the logical thought processes I learned from my technical colleagues. 13 more words

Abogado Aly

Tech News 2Night 287: Free Microsoft Office by TWiT


Anchor: Megan Morrone

News from the Game Developer Conference, we check in with Mike Elgan at Mobile World Congress, Instagram allows Ads, cord cutters get even more options, and more… 38 more words


iFive for the iPhone 132: Alto's Adventure, Cleen by TWiT


Host: Megan Morrone

What’s new on the upcoming iOS 8.3 beta, grab your snowboard and llamas in the game Alto’s Adventure, train for your big race with Gipis, manage your photos with Cleen, and will kids like the new YouTube Kids app? 25 more words


Etsy Says It Isn't Scared Of Wall Street

It is the age of the activist investor, but Brooklyn-based online arts and crafts seller Etsy isn’t afraid of the shark-infested Wall Street waters that are within its proximity. 12 more words

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