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This Test called Life

Is life just a series of tests with a reward given each time you pass?  The bigger the test the greater the reward?

That’s how I feel today.  259 more words

Growing Up

Graduation and CGC

Well, last night was the end of eight weeks of obedience class. So before class I groomed and bathed Dickens. Of course, he had to look his best for graduation. 227 more words


tough decisions finally sorted today

today, i made a really important decision with what i want to do with my life.

firstly, i got offers from 3 university based in Sydney. 916 more words


Hardships are life’s tests

Preparing us for greatness

Building better men.


Lumbar Puncture Day 2015

I didn’t really sleep on Tuesday night, it suddenly occurred to me at about 10:30 that I was going to the QE in Birmingham to have a need inserted between L3 and L4 so that 20ml of CSF (cerebral spinal fluid) could be removed and analysed. 662 more words


How do we respond to tests?

When God tests us, it is for our character development. God will not let any difficulty come into our lives beyond what we can handle. (See 1 Cor. 769 more words


Counterpoint: Provincial Exams

Say no to English Provincials!
By: Dima Siblani, staff reporter

From Grade 10-12, the end of the semester is a dreaded time for students because of those cursed Provincial Exams. 1,024 more words