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Times New Roman is missing on my iPad

Times New Roman is missing.
I don’t know where
It went.
Not far.
Too stiff to run away, to get to
The meeting
And discover… 134 more words

Creative Writing

Contemplating making an entrance

This is fun. Look at the arches and pick the one that is immediately most appealing to you. The one that you choose reveals a lot about your personality.  619 more words

Macro-ish... Macroachtig...

Yep! I changed the name of the folder after some more playing around with my ‘Take-away-Sony’ > Macro-ish… :-)

I did find another possibility of coming somewhere in the vicinity of macro using the portrait mode which also blurs the background but goes a bit easier on the DOF. 185 more words


Bacon Ipsum Ribeye

Bacon ipsum dolor amet kevin tail leberkas, ribeye tenderloin biltong sausage sirloin pork t-bone. Tongue ribeye pork loin cow porchetta short ribs tenderloin venison ham. Tongue spare ribs pork belly landjaeger bresaola short loin shank. 362 more words


Test! Ignore me.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Praesent sit amet euismod nunc. Morbi sed condimentum ante. Suspendisse non nulla a neque facilisis fringilla non sit amet lacus. 393 more words

Hello World