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the greatest common factor and the least common multiple

Both buses Route 1 and Route 2 are sent out of a bus station at 6:00am. After that time, Route 1 will be sent out every 45 minutes; Route 2 will be sent out every 1 hour. 48 more words

Test Prep.


Today I take my first official GMAT test, and I am nervous. I have been studying for 11 weeks now, and the content is all hammered in. 659 more words


A Case for Paragraph Structure and Velcro Shoes

20 eager toes squirm like worms for their Velcro shoes and anticipated escape out the backdoor.  Leaving the house is very exciting for my two toddlers.  754 more words


Letting Go

As a teacher, it is extremely important to remember the fine line between supporting and babying a student. Learning happens best when teachers allow it to happen – when they step back and allow students to take ownership of their own learning. 271 more words

FRIT 7234

Test Prep: Can It Be Meaningful and Fun?

Heather here.  I want to start today’s blog post with that enormous elephant in the room: Test Prep.

Oh,Test Prep. It strikes fear into the heart of students, teachers, and principals alike. 925 more words


a 4th grade question

After a race among some animals in a forest, they could not figure out who has won the race so they got the wisest animal among them: Mr. 310 more words

Test Prep.

Tips to Get You Ready for those SATs and ACTs


The thought of the SAT and the ACT is just enough to make some high school students cringe. The pressure is high because every students wants to be successful and to go college with good grades, extracurriculars, and standardized test scores. 436 more words