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Our social media networking is going…BOOM!

We are now a featured profile on WyzAnt! If you haven’t heard of it, it is a great site for tutoring and other opportunities. 63 more words


What SAT score you need to get into top schools

We wish there was a magic number we could tell you that could guarantee an acceptance to the school of your choosing. Unfortunately, we can’t. The good news is that most schools report the “average” SAT scores and make it publicly available on their admissions websites and in college guide books. 228 more words

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How can I support my teen as they prep for the SAT?

This is the most frequent question we have heard from parents during our interviews. All parents are concerned about helping their teens, but the big unknown is HOW? 406 more words

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2 key decisions on picking your dream school

The SAT score isn’t the only (although it’s very important!) factor that will get you into your dream school. So what is? You. If you’re reading this as a junior or senior in high school, your grades are mostly in and you’ve already gotten involved in extracurricular activities. 416 more words

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Weakening Standardized Tests Amounts to 'Killing the Messenger'

This week, 1.1 million children in New York State will take Common Core-aligned standardized tests amidst a growing national revolt against testing.

Standardized tests don’t measure real learning, just superficial test-taking skills, and our obsession with them is destroying our nation’s schools by taking away from real learning. 966 more words

Are Students Learning the Wrong Lesson From Top Tutors?

Take out your No. 2 pencil.

Choose the phrase that best defines private tutoring:

nthony) High-end racket

b) Legitimate leg up for motivated students

c) Pressure-release valve for parental anxiety… 2,610 more words

Wake up on Purpose

One of the most important things that fuels what I do for students is the understanding that everyone on this earth, no matter age, race, economic status has a purpose. 871 more words