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The Chechen's Revenge: Now In Print and on Kindle

I‘m pleased to report that The Chechen’s Revenge is now In Print! Effective immediately it is available from Amazon.com. The published size is a comfortable to hold paperback 6″ x 9″, printed on white paper with the full color cover seen in this picture. 591 more words

Venahafoch Hu - Turnabout is fair play (In the spirit of Purim)

One of the central themes of the upcoming Purim festival is “venahafoch hu”, lit: And it was turned about. The wicked Haman plotted to kill all the Jews, and his evil plans were turned on their head, whereby the Jews were saved and Haman and his sons were killed. 793 more words


Have ammo, will defend!

I won’t name names here. Most Americans have a good grasp on who the enemies of this Republic are.


ISIS is Destroying History (Literally!)

Posted by Julian Drury on Sunday, March 1, 2015 · 1 Comment

In an attempt to provoke a western response, ISIS has declared war on ancient history…

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The President recently held a workshop on terror extremists.  I feel a lot safer knowing my government considers me, a conservative, more dangerous to the United States than ISIS. 630 more words

Analysing the Backlash

Asides from the fact that I grew up in a house in which my grandmother was a successful lawyer, and my mother went on to become a successful doctor who did not forego a career for homemaking, I also studied psychology during my A-Level studies. 1,536 more words

Why Do Some Agonies ........

The leak-gate has exposed an unholy nexus of a group or groups of people. One former journalist has also been arrested. It is being said that some working journalists are also under suspicion. 218 more words