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New tunnel detection system to operate on Gaza border

Israeli defense company Elbit Systems develops sensor-based detection system to be implemented alongside entirety of Gaza border.

Udi Etsion, Matan Tzuri for Israel News

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Franklin Graham calls for a ban on Muslim Immigrants

Franklin Graham said this on his Facebook page on: “Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day, set aside for the world to never forget the 6 million Jews who were slaughtered by the Nazis. 568 more words

6 Somali-Americans Arrested in ISIS Recruiting Case - Only The Government Is Surprised

Six young Somali-American men were arrested on Sunday in what may be the largest case to date involving recruiting in the United States for the Islamic State, law enforcement officials said on Monday. 205 more words

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Will the World Stand By and Watch Another Genocide?

Reverend Patrick Mahoney of Washington, DC ┬áhopes not. But he’s doing more than wishing. He’s activating Christians, Muslims and national leaders┬áto use our united voice in speaking out against the injustice caused by ISIS and terror groups who continue to perform mass killings of Christian men and who subject women and children to slavery. 72 more words


You Decide.

There are many categories that differentiate freedom fighters from terrorists, and many things that appear similar. Who’s to decide if one person was a freedom fighter or if one person was a terrorists, its the government that decides usually. 212 more words


Watch Disturbing Video of Masked Hamas Extremists Rioting on Temple Mount

Footage from a major Islamist rally on the Temple Mount last week reveals how Muslim extremists are still inciting and glorifying terrorism and openly supporting Hamas with impunity at Judaism’s holiest site, despite pledges by authorities to crack down on the phenomena. 1,093 more words

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Terrorism is the biggest threat to Pakistan’s progress. its roots can be traced back to 1979 when there was an effort to kick out Russia from pakistan.

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