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Superman IV: The Quest For Peace

As a child, I loved Superman. I loved the comics. I loved the cartoons. I loved the films. I still do. There is no greater embodiment of the Superhero ideal than the man from Krypton. 1,217 more words

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Backdraft meets The Right Stuff and for the sake of authenticity, Scott Glenn is thrown in for good measure. 636 more words

Action Films

Planet Wars aka Brazilian Star Wars

When George Lucas’ Star Wars opened in less than 32 theatres on May 25, 1977, no one could predict that a cultural juggernaut was being unleashed on an unsuspecting world. 947 more words


The BET Movie Award Goes To....

Being a half-black dude from Oakland, it should come as no surprise that a not insignificant amount of my television watching is dedicated to BET. If you’re an avid BET watcher such as myself you know Sundays are a time to hear preachers who have, how do you say, a less than genuine interest in the Bible and a more than enthusiastic interest in taking all your money as well as chance to catch up on such cinematic classics as “Baby Boy” (a personal favorite), “Menace II Society,” “The Color Purple,” or “Roscoe Jenkins.” That’s right, Roscoe Mothafuckin’ Jenkins. 260 more words

Roscoe Jenkins

The Story About The Time I Nearly Made The Worst Film In The World

No B Movie review today, because I thought I would take my time to tell you a story about the time I nearly created the worst movie known to man. 2,175 more words


Will Smith's new movie, "Focus" is so damn crappy I just had to write about it.

This is normally not a place for movie reviews but once in a while a film comes along that I cannot help but discuss. Focus… 473 more words


An addendum to my last post concerning The Interview

At the behest of a few people who felt my viewpoint concerning The Interview was inaccurate, I am gonna watch the movie. I should probably be writing a comparative essay on the political views of Rawls and Novick, but hey, this shit is important. 718 more words

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