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Planted Dolls

   Slug & Squirrel 

 The Mossy Twig


Chia heads, Doll heads, fat rubber babies, Doll armed terrariums, wishniks, and babies eating watermelon = love <3… 21 more words

Miniature Gardens


I’ve definitely been swept up by the succulent hype! They’re cute, easy to care for and you can keep them in beautiful terrariums – what’s not to like? 356 more words


My fairy cup of tea...

I have become a little obsessed with vintage teacups, their daintiness, fragility, and beauty. I like how I feel when I hold them in my hand, a little more delicate, more whimsical, perhaps more mysterious. 90 more words

Terra Nova: Horticulture Badge

For day two of our programming, continuing the Dawn of a New World theme, we made terrariums. I was in charge of getting supplies, since I know my way around a craft store, so I went to Michael’s and was kinda dismayed by how fast my $20 went – in the future I will start somewhere a little less primo, although the stuff I got at Michael’s ended up being totally satisfactory. 178 more words


Miniature Waterfall In Your Terrarium|Space Gardening

Making a waterfall in your vivarium or terrarium is an easy way to add visual appeal. Your pet will love the increased humidity from a waterfall, and the water movement will facilitate beneficial bacterial growth in your substrate, keeping wastes down and your reptile’s or amphibian’s habitat clean and fresh. 276 more words

Gardening Ideas

Cactus In A Glass Container|Beginners Gardening Project

Classic terrariums consist of glass containers with lids that create an enclosed mini ecosystem. Cacti look great in these types of terrariums, but they don’t survive very long, because cacti need regular airflow and low humidity to thrive. 257 more words


Cactus & Succulent Terrarium|Space Gardening

Terrariums are like mini-ecosystems, so for those of us who love deserts and see beauty in the harsh nature of those environments, recreating these worlds on a miniature scale holds a special sort of appeal. 532 more words

Gardening Ideas