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The post stress relief

Full disclosure: the title is an exaggeration. I didn’t really stress out during the last week or two, in which I did 2 midterms and a paper submission. 329 more words

The DAILY Word

Speaking the Same Language

We may all be speaking the same language but we may not mean the same thing.  The beauty of conversation is the ability to share our differing perspectives and experiences in an effort to understand what is going on in our lives and in the world around us. 224 more words

Cấp độ ứng dụng (Application Criticality)

Có rất nhiều thuật ngữ liên quan đến ứng dụng mà chúng thường thấy như LOB, Critical Application hay Application Crtiticality trong các bài phân tích hay bài báo. 857 more words


Basically, writing is a "trust fall" exercise

So, I was reflecting on my growth as a writer and I realized that one of my favourite things is catching what I term “self-conscious writing.” There’s probably a legit term for that, but since graduation, I don’t have access to free narratology books online any more, and I kind of like coining terms. 541 more words


Definitional Confusion with Vegan Diets -- Why I Prefer the Term "Plant-Based Diet"

If the world is overly full of anything, it’s probably misunderstanding.  All vegans think X. All republicans think Y.  All Uzbekistanis think Z.  Everybody in Oregon wears flannel, and I don’t trust anybody who doesn’t enjoy girl scout cookies. 928 more words


Logical Girl does NOT beg the question

Pet Peeves, we all have them!

When it comes to grammar usage, my ire-raiser is when people misuse LESS and FEWER.  The following example is my g0-to reminder of proper usage: 326 more words