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Term Limits

The President of the United States is limited to two four-year terms according to the 22nd Amendment.  After two terms, that President can no longer run again.   45 more words

General Political Science

Term Limits?: No, Curb Party Power

We should oppose political party power structures and local graft more than worry about the number of times an individual is elected. The party structure and vote buying with legislation is the source of individual power, not the number of times elected. 74 more words


Term Limits ~ Vince Flynn

Term Limits by Vince Flynn
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Congressman Michael O’Rourke is a newly-elected representative of Minnesota. He goes into politics to change the way things are done in D.C. 410 more words


When you can’t see the Forest for the Trees

I’ve been reading quite a bit of Indie work lately, which isn’t surprising because that’s what my business focus is right now. However, I picked up two traditionally published books that had been on my shelves for a long time, one fiction the other non-fiction. 543 more words


The Rajapaksa Regime and the constitutionalisation of populist authoritarianism in Sri Lanka

Asanga Welikala reviews the constitutional changes introduced by Sri Lanka’s former president Rajapaksa to remove key limitations on presidential power. He argues that Rajapaksa’s surprise defeat last month suggests the basic ideals of democratic government have deeper roots in the Sri Lankan polity than have been visible in the recent past. 1,711 more words

Comparing Constitutions