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Quite the Weekend


This weekend I had a four-day weekend. My only class was cancelled on Thursday so I got to enjoy an extra day off! On Friday, our program had an excursion planned for us to Terezin which was a concentration camp an hour outside of Prague. 971 more words


The town of Terezin is about 40 minutes from Prague, Czech Republic by bus. Before it was a concentration camp, it was originally built in the 1780’s by the Habsburg empire as a star shaped fortified town to keep out invaders. 993 more words

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Terezín Concentration Camp and Ghetto Memorial

Friday was a very somber day. We visited Terezín, an 18th century military fortress and town that was made into a Jewish Ghetto when the Nazis took over. 324 more words

Terezin - A Jewish Ghetto and Concentration camp

Last week, whilst away in Prague we decided to take a trip to “Terezin” a very small town about 30 miles from Prague that has an ancient fortress on the edge. 854 more words

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Chicago Holocaust Survivor Recalls Painful Memories On Anniversary Of The Liberation Of Auschwitz

(CBS) — As world leaders gathered in Poland Tuesday to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, a Chicago woman who survived the notorious Nazi extermination camp is recalling her painful memories. 277 more words


Terezín (German: Theresienstadt) is a small stronghold town in Litoměřice region in Northern Bohemia. It was named after Maria Theresa and build as a fortification by her son Joseph II against Prussians during Austro-Prussian Wars.

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