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What are those characters saying?

A storyteller has to carry all the characters inside her self. She uses words, expression and imagination to make them real and come alive in a story. 444 more words


When Elegance Simply Spells Outstandingly Classic.

INTRAMUROS, Manila – DOING great things that we really love is like, or perhaps, there’s no holiday or free day alloted for all of us. 191 more words

Kind Of Happy Life

Getting The Porsche Ride Of My Life

MABALACAT, Pampanga – IT was an early Monday morning rise, and not usual for me to get up wide awake at that early since  295 more words

Kind Of Happy Life

Getting to Know You

Though I currently spent the last five hours sweeping a never-clean floor, washing saucers, forgetting the names of wines, and mispronouncing the desert of the day (I think the cook makes “peras borrachas” just to test my accent), I do consider myself a teacher. 172 more words

Telling Stories: I have sunk so low

Your character did something very bad, and now she needs to pay the price.

Every character screws up sometimes.  I’ve talked extensively in the past about the fact that characters need to be able to make mistakes and fail at various point, and I stand by it; a character who never fails is a character who isn’t interesting to hear about or interact with.  1,040 more words


tell them stories

You can copy me, make a portrait as precise as an artist, but my shit will always remain mine, and yours will be yours. Ah, Lenu, what happens to us all, we’re like pipes when the water freezes, what a terrible thing a dissatisfied mind is. 1,458 more words

The Gathering Kind

Harry Potter and the Dramatic Present

Does anyone else listen to ‘In Our Time’ on Radio 4?


It’s a programme about historical figures who have had an effect on our own times, and although I find Melvyn Bragg as irritating as the next person, sometimes the topics are interesting so I keep the radio on after ‘Today’ has finished.   466 more words