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Actress Christine Kim Shines in 2015!

Christine Kim left South Korea in 2005 with dreams of making her mark on the world. From the success of her film Better Than Normal, … 578 more words


Sarah-Lou excitement!

I want to dedicate this blog post entirely to Sarah-Louise Platt and my excitement about her return!

I don’t think I appreciated her at the time or realised how much I really liked her, she was quite annoying but her storylines in the past have been the best! 624 more words


Two rings and a whole load of weirdness!

Two engagements this week, and both women are not too keen! A similar storyline again hey? Well slightly!

For both women, Victoria (Emmerdale) and Michelle (Corrie), I understand their apprehensions completely! 432 more words


Memo to MLB Network: your crawl is too close to the bottom of the screen. The text is readable but the bottom is clipped, and it’s annoying. 58 more words


Love Returns Finally. . . to the Capitol

If you are a true gladiator like I am, you are still cheering tonight’s episode. It reminded me of Season 2 , which I consider the best season of the series. 807 more words


“The ticker”; “the crawl”; the “bottom line”–we have many names for that animated slice of the TV screen that gives us the scores and news on each and every sports channel. 307 more words


The Binge: Binge With A Bang

Welcome back to The Binge! I took my leave from Winter and I needed some anime in my life. I was scrolling through my CrunchyRoll and looking for something to catch my eye and I came across “BTOOOM!” The name was the first thing that caught me, but after I read the description I had to watch it. 519 more words