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Funny Feminists: A Girl Called Amy, Part 2

Happy Women Kiss Ass Monday! Now with more Tuesday!

Today’s big reveal in our ongoing, two-part series about amazing Amy’s is (drum rolllllllllllllllllllllllll): Amy Poehler. Duh. 1,586 more words


Jennette McCurdy explains why you can’t binge on her Netflix show Between

Netflix is trying something different with Between, the new series about a town quarantined after a virus kills off everyone 22 and up. Instead of letting viewers binge-watch all six episodes, Netflix is doling out the instalments one at a time each week, like traditional TV. 435 more words


It's the vicar to the rescue!

I’m a bit behind this week as I had to go to China with the day job. As I was very busy as well as 7 hours ahead of UK time I was not in an ideal position for soap watching. 375 more words


My Biggest Issue with The Bachelorette Premiere This Week

It’s no secret that I have a love / hate relationship with The Bachelorette. I don’t always believe that finding love on a reality television show is possible (except for Catherine and Sean!) but I can’t stop myself from watching anyways because I’m generally rooting for good things to come out of the show. 496 more words

This Or That

That's It, I'm Going To Greendale...

D-Day…I remember where I was during it.  Sitting on my couch just after finals ended, playing The Last of Us on PlayStation 3, then I read the news.  137 more words


"Fast Enough" to Time Travel: A Review of The Flash Season Finale

When I sat down to watch the first season finale of The Flash, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m not someone who usually watches the promo trailers week-to-week, so I hadn’t seen any previews. 600 more words


The Flash Season One Review

“The Flash” is the spin off show of “Arrow” and stars DC Comics’ most popular speedster. The title character was introduced during the middle of Arrow’s second season but before he actually became the superhero and leaving the character in a coma. 493 more words