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WHY AM I WATCHING THIS?- Keeping Up With The Kardashian's

So in my latest bout of Holiday Blues and browsing the internet for things to watch while i ‘do the grind’ in Runescape i decided to bite the bullet and watch an episode or two of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. 484 more words

Television Shows

Sci-Fi Summer Shows

Now that most popular network television shows have gone through their season or if you have binge watched episodes of Daredevil or Orange is the New Black… 534 more words

Science Fiction

Its a scam - free international television, but linode, and amazon happily host it.

Bananas was bored one saturday afternoon when one of those spam emails hit the monkey houses general mail address email which is us asktheapes@zoo okay. So send your questions in! 349 more words

Television Shows

slow genre

Bananas had the opportunity to see a mainstream genre tv program via catch up.

It was deadly slow and even a goldfish could have watched it  To me it was painfull. 130 more words


Snobby actors and the bbc

Bananas was in the zoo security office (my blog) and Charlie had one of those ancient 1970 dr who episodes on that have wobbly walls and never see the light of day on bbc channels remastered or not. 153 more words


'That 70's Show' Kelso and Hyde Are Reuniting For A New Netflix Show!

Kelso and Hyde might have been frenemies on That 70’s show because of their love for Jackie, but now, their going to be brothers.

That’s right, Kelso and Hyde are reuniting for a new groovy TV show titled “The Ranch.” 120 more words


Aaron Paul Announces "Breaking Bad" Spinoff!

How do you play a cruel joke on Breaking Bad fans?

Tell them a spinoff starring Jesse Pinkman is in the works.

That’s what Aaron Paul did. 108 more words