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Breaking Bad Retrospective: No Mas

The conclusion of Breaking Bad‘s second season left a lot of situations burning a little bit. From Walt and Skyler’s potential break-up to Jesse’s guilt-inspired rehabilitation, there was a lot of things to continue on from. 1,043 more words

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Breaking Bad Retrospective: ABQ

The high-powered events of “Mandala” and “Phoenix” had me prepped for an epic season finale for Breaking Bad. Unfortunately, “ABQ” sort of underwhelmed, especially when compared to this show’s previous two outings. 1,316 more words

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American Horror Story Freak Show: “Tupperware Party Massacre” (9)

This week on Spoooooky Glee American Horror Story: despite this episode’s working title, no fat lady sings; #BlackLivesMatter; and we wax poetic about establishing shots. 2,308 more words


Television review: Inside No. 9, "Sardines" / "A Quiet Night In"

The dark sketch comedy troupe League of Gentlemen always owed much to Britain’s peculiar strains of horror fiction, and their post-League work–Jeremy Dyson’s book on English haunted houses (whose title escapes me at the moment) and Mark Gatiss’s scripts for  740 more words

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FYC: The Good Wife is 'good' enough for other award shows, why not the Emmys?

The Good Wife has done something very few shows have been able to do: After running through four critically-acclaimed seasons of television, its fifth season reinvigorates the series’ talents and goes on a steamroll of success through its sixth year. 451 more words

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