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'Mad Men': The Ending Doesn't Really Matter

The “Mad Men” finale will be analyzed and rated, debated and recapped. Meaning will be ascribed to it that the writers likely never intended, and much of fans’ pleasure and disappointment will be expressed in real time…(read more)



The Craig Show's Hottest Property

Jack Havick was introduced as a “special guest” on Episode 6 of Season 1: “The Real Rock Rules” where he fought the Real Rock. He was tired of only getting a short amount of time on the show, listening to Craig tell him how much air time he gets and coming on episodes just to wrestle.   93 more words


Eliza Berman: The Mad Men Title Sequence Is Eerily Similar to This LIFE Magazine Cover

The falling men on a 1967 LIFE cover seem to presage the falling man in the AMC show’s opening credits

Eliza Berman writes: Analyzing the  531 more words


Here's what's wrong with a "Presenter Search" TV show

Here’s what’s wrong with a “Presenter Search” TV show: You’re running a TV show in which the “prize” is a presenting gig on a TV channel. 162 more words

Dead By Monday

Louis C.K. to Direct, Star in Indie Film

Borys Kit writes: Louis C.K., the comedian who has conquered the small screen with his low-key, angst-ridden FX show Louie, is returning to the land of movies. 320 more words

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The Freak Speaks

Scott is a very nice kid with a heart of gold and doesn’t disrespect anybody. But what happens when you take that nice kid and brainwash him to join your alliance? 97 more words



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Television as a medium is less than one hundred years old, yet in the sense of a broadcast over radio waves, it seems doomed as the rise of “streaming” sites takes over the role of providing the entertainment traditionally provided by broadcast television. 1,237 more words