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The Weigh In: SHERYL LEE RALPH Interviews With Access Hollywood + Director LEE DANIELS Speaks to CNN's DON LEMON Regarding MO'NIQUE's Claim That She Was Blackballed - MO'NIQUE Responds

Ok so you’ve heard the rumors, whispers, and rumblings of comedian/actress Mo’Nique going on record for having stated that despite her winning an Oscar Award-the offers that typically-after winning an Oscar (for Mo’Nique) didn’t exactly start pouring in. 684 more words

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ZENDAYA COLEMAN Replies To GIULIANA RANCIC's On-Air Apology Given Yesterday - Urges All To Follow Suit


I’d really like to address something that’s weighing really heavy on my heart,’ the TV host began. ‘I want to apologize for a comment that I made on last night’s Fashion Policeabout Zendaya’s hair. 

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17 Year-Old KYLIE JENNER Buys Herself a New 'Backyard'......Oh, And a 2.7 Million Dollar Home in the Suburbs of Calabasas, California

You can claim you don’t keep up with the Kardashian’s if you want to, but if you know me-then you know that I’m a firm believer in the fact that 100% of people only walk 10% of what they talk and the rest is just a game of bust me out if you catch me and can. 231 more words

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GIULIANA RANCIC Explains Herself On Air, KELLY OSBOURNE Cleared of Having Adlibbed (the word) "Weed" During GIULIANA's Comment Regarding ZENDAYA's Hair Which (Out of the Mouth Of Comedian Babe: KATHY GRIFFIN ) It Came

In less than 24 hours since possibly being thrown in to this hairsplitting thing regarding Zendaya’s hairstyle, the verdict is in.

Kelly Osbourne (who asserts that she had absolutely, positively, NO words breathed into the statement regarding Zendaya’s hairstyle) is officially cleared of being questioned about having interjected/adlibbed the word: “weed!” . 304 more words

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Closesup: (Pre-GIULIANA / Fashion Police Comment) Red Carpet Interview w/ZENDAYA About Her Hairstyle & More

Not everybody was (indirectly, inadvertently or otherwise) insensitive with regard to Zendaya’s dreadlock hairstyle.

Even before the media hailstorm, (atop the OSF big screen) check out footage of Zendaya talking about her hairstyle and simply being delighted to be on the Oscars red carpet!

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