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Lessons From...UFC's Top 5 Greatest Fights

Much like the appearance of my fascination with Star Wars and all things geeky/nerdy, I am not sure where or when my interest in mixed martial arts began. 859 more words


TV Time: Once Upon a Time 4.19

Title Lily

Two-Sentence Summary When Emma discovers that Maleficent’s daughter is the same Lily she pushed away when she was a teenager, she embarks with Regina on a road trip to find her before they go to New York City to rescue Robin from Zelena. 3,201 more words


MY LITTLE GENE SHALIT!: How to Be a Great Film and Television Critic – Super Mega Short Cheat Sheet  

Some students ask: “what is the point of dissecting a television show or movie if the purpose is to entertain?” While I agree that this is their main purpose, it is also an art form, with many people and elements involved in the process. 405 more words


Moffat on Capaldi's Second Season and Missy's return

Moffat’s gone into bragging mode as filming for Series 9 of Doctor Who continues. Speaking to Digital Spy on Friday, he boasted how much better this season was going to be, and yet it will be different, despite the same two actors in the Doctor and Companion roles. 219 more words


Watch Entire First Season of 'Constantine' for Free

Now that the first season of the NBC adaptation of Hellblazer, Constantine, has come to a close, the thirteen episodes are now available for you to re-watch.  208 more words


I don't think so Tim: There was a Home Improvement video game!

I stumbled upon this amazing piece of awesomeness the other day while looking for Tool Time themed pornograph…content for this blog.

Having never played this game (or even heard of it until last week) I’ve been asking people and searching around the internet trying to find anything to do with this game. 149 more words


Mad Men: Time and Life

I think after this week, we can drop any pretense Mad Men has of this being a half season, directly related to last year. If the opening episode time jump wasn’t clue enough that this was patently untrue, the last three weeks confirm it. 1,198 more words