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Never Shutting Up About Jemma Simmons

It’s been a few weeks, I spent my entire Saturday reading every TV Tropes page related to Agents of SHIELD, and I now have a massive outline (complete with a stack of scholarly articles in tow) for what amounts to a thesis length exploration of what I love about this series. 3,725 more words

Media Studies

Hey, all you people who’ve been complaining for years about Joe Buck on FOX broadcasts: since you’ve made no headway in getting rid of Buck, could you please turn your attention to destroying ESPN’s lead basketball announcing team? 154 more words


Spoilers: 'Rosewood' - Official Trailer - FOX (Series Premiering Fall 2015)

The following is the official trailer for  FOX‘s new drama series, ‘Rosewood,’ premiering this Fall on Wednesdays, at 8/7c, before ‘Empire.’ ‘Rosewood’ 62 more words


Behind the Scenes: 'Marco Polo' - Featurette 1 - Netflix (Series Premiere Dec 12 2014)

Attention ‘Marco Polo’ fans! The following is the first of two featurettes about Netflix‘s new drama series, ‘Marco Polo,’ which premiered December 12, 2014… 61 more words


Trailer for 'Lucifer" Television Show, Based on Vertigo Comic and Sandman Spin-off from Neil Gaiman

The trailer for the television adaptation of Lucifer, a spin-off from Sandman brought to us by Neil Gaiman, has finally been released.  This has been a much panned idea for a television show where many of the more high-fantasy and dark elements have been sacrificed to create essentially a detective show where a retired, bar-owning Satan helps in solving murder cases.  59 more words


Top 5 Space Precinct episodes

Warning: there will be plot spoilers and you are recommended to watch the episodes first before reading further so as not to hamper your enjoyment of the show. 1,429 more words

Space Precinct

Elaan of Troyius

Devilboy is hitting season three of the original Star Trek. Last night I complained about “And The Children Shall Lead” and “Spock’s Brain ” but “Elaan of Troyius ” outdumbs either of them. 115 more words