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Red Snapper

Well, it’s official. Miss S can now join me at poetry slams. My girl has learned to snap.

Her determination to learn this skill began during music. 203 more words


Fortunetelling killed by Time's arrow

Precognition / clairvoyance / prescience?  Not in our universe!

The gypsy soothsayer says “Cross my hand with silver and I will tell you your true future.” 1,349 more words


Asynchronous and decentralized teleportation of Turing Machines

The idea is that it is possible to copy a computer which executes a program, during execution, and to produce working clones. All this without any control (hence decentralized) and any synchronization. 875 more words

Bigger on the Inside

In Universe Gun, I’ve made a big deal of the planetary syzygy between Mars and Earth. The Sun comes between the two planets as their orbits place them either side of it, like it does every 400 days, and nothing in the combined technical arsenal of these two sci-fi worlds is capable of communication between the two. 763 more words

Immortality is the Right Answer: What's Your Superpower?

Has anyone ever asked you what your favorite superpower is? Sitting around at a bar, stoned maybe, just after watching The Avengers or something. Then a friend asks the big question. 2,658 more words