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The Challenge of Zelda: Something in the Zelda Universe you wish was real

Teleportation. There, I said it. I would love to be able to play a magical song and BOOM! I’m in Starbucks. Play it again and BOOM! 354 more words

Random Awesomeness

Too much Science in your Fiction: A distraction waiting to happen

I was recently reading a book – a debut science fiction novel released a few years ago. The title and author shall remain nameless for the purposes here, as they are not of importance.  762 more words



Push: The pulsing of force that transforms a rhythmic action into an outward drive, whether the rhythm is the beating of a heart or the cycle of the seasons. 26 more words



Hey everyone! Hope you’re all having a great day. I’m reviewing Book One of the Cassa Series (as promised), CassaStar, by Alex J. Cavanaugh. I mentioned in my earlier review of CassaFire that I’d inadvertently bought the second book by accident thinking it was the first. 606 more words


...And into the Light

(New here?  Jump right in, the water’s fine!  But if you want to actually try and make sense of any of this, start here.) 1,552 more words

Time Travel

Flash Fiction: On His Feet (335 words)

Teleportation spells were simple things, though there was always a moment of hesitation right at the end, as the caster tried to decide whether it was best to direct their subject to the floor or the couch. 300 more words


Beam Me Up: 3D Printing & Teleportation

Something I am always joking about with my closest girlfriends is teleportation. One of them lives on the Big Island in Hawaii (rough life, right?) and the other basically lives on the beaches of southern California (again, rough life, right?). 216 more words