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NO PLAQUE TONIGHT [a theater of the absurd poem]

(Sometimes, my poetry group comes up with writing prompts that …  Such was the case with dog bone.  Didn’t want to, but never say die … hence the following:) 51 more words


First Impressions

The telephone rang and rang and rang, and Brenda lay on the sofa. The sound of a hammer pounding against the bell in short, loud bursts, over and over, was drilling into her mind like a dental pick into the gum line. 371 more words

Short Story

Observations: Telephone Game

I used this activity with my 6th graders last fall to emphasize observations, communication skills, and team work. It is a variation on the classic… 433 more words

Science Skills

Don't Call Me And I Won't Call You

I really hate talking on the phone. It might just be my least favorite form of communication.

The whole idea of talking without engaging my other senses in the conversation drives me crazy. 280 more words


Dial a number? Punch a number? Party lines? A tickey box? A card phone?

Yes, telephones have come a long way and now, when the use of cell phones has become so widespread, people wonder how we travelled so far or dealt with crises without having ready access to a (cell) phone. 318 more words


Ma mère déclare. #9

Moi– Eille, Mom, t’as-tu lu mon blog à propos du téléphone?

Mère– Ouan. J’ai trouvé ça bête.

Moi– Ben là! T’es sur ma liste d’exemptions, en plus. 25 more words


"It is a miracle that one does not dissolve in one's bath like a lump of sugar"*...

A professor of physiotherapy, Dr. Curran Pope’s practice embraced “diseases of the mind and nervous system”, which he treated with both electro-therapy, and hydrotherapy in his own sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky.   422 more words