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“Ok, so guess which one is the lie,” I excitedly told all of my soon-to-be new kids after I quickly introduced myself.

“My first fact is that I have danced in front of millions. 567 more words


I'm Gonna be an English Teacher...

So you want to teach English abroad? You want to travel, you want to make your friends jealous, you want to see the world, eat exotic foods, visit exotic places, expose yourself to the world in hopes that it will do the same. 1,445 more words


Should I teach English in Korea?

The answer is yes! but first please check my overall guide to teaching English abroad to fund your travels!  There are lots of tips and advice in there which will really help you.   668 more words


Thoughts on impending spinsterhood

As I write this its my twenty-fifth birthday and I’m on a break between classes. By Chinese standards my dating life is pretty much over. Most Chinese girls aim to have met and married their husbands by the quarter of a century mark, though in a patently unfair move, I’m told guys get until they each 30 to tie the knot. 289 more words


How to Apply for a Work Visa For China (Z Visa)

Disclaimer: This information is based on the process I went through as a United States applicant in 2014-2015 to obtain my Z Visa. This guide is *not* legal advice, and it may not be up to date. 1,284 more words
Transitional Nature

Korea, here I am!

I’m climbing, inching higher and higher to the peak, but slowly. I know the drop is coming, but not exactly sure when. Adrenaline pulses through my veins. 387 more words


First session for TESL

So, the first session went according to schedule and gave me time to start afresh and come down on my level to someone, who is an adult with some or zero English but would like to know it. 704 more words