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Leaving on a Jetplane

All my bags are packed, it’s time to go

I’m standing here, outside your door…

I’ve been singing that song all week. My bags have been (mostly) packed since late last night, and I’m sitting at the Portland International Jetport waiting to board my first flight.

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Brussels, Prague and Berlin.

Easter Hols, 30th March – 5th April 2015.

Brussels, Beligum.

This trip began with the three of us arguing over what language people were speaking in the airport. 538 more words



My friends and family back home ask a lot of questions about my life in Seoul, especially about my job and what it’s really like. I find it difficult to capture and convey my day-to-day experience in phone conversations, though, so I thought it would be useful to write it down. 1,417 more words


Week 30-ish.

I started this so I’d have something to look back on when I’m back in miserable Scotland. That only works if I actually update it, something I haven’t done since February. 85 more words


To All The Many Anonymous Helpers (and some not so anonymous)

To the Flight attendants on our flight from SFO: Thank you for putting up so well with the Chinese requests for hot water. Our food was ok. 520 more words


One Night in Bangkok

After 36 hours (ish) of travelling / waiting to travel / waiting an inordinate amount of time at the baggage carousel for the machine to spit out my luggage, I made it! 733 more words


A month to go!

Well, time is creeping on.  Well, not exactly creeping, more like leaping ahead!

It’s just about a month until my travels start, albeit in more familiar territory of Europe for a few weeks before returning for a special birthday and then off into the wild blue yonder as my mum used to say! 167 more words