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A Phone Call With a TEFL Grad

Having just got off the phone with a graduate of the TEFL certification program at The Language House, I’ve decided to write up my thoughts in a quick blog post so I don’t forget the important bits. 884 more words


1000 goodbyes and 1 shattered heart


Them words right there, I kept on playing them over in my head to try and get used to the situation but every time I said it, the tears would start to flow and refused to stop. 1,842 more words


the power of silence

Starting out as a teacher can be frightening. I was a puny 21-year old with an anxiety disorder and a severely low self-esteem. Deciding to become a teacher was just one of the many things I have done to punish myself and to prove to my inner bully that I can. 473 more words


Day Thirteen, Fourteen and Fifteen - Having a China Day and More Disorganisation

Day 13 was my first real day badly missing home. My beautiful nephew was born and all I wanted in the world was to be surrounded by family, welcoming my nephew to the world and eating Mum’s roast potatoes and gravy. 1,054 more words



Okay, so maybe you have never heard of Seollal.

Well last week I experienced my first Seollal in Korea and I am still left wondering exactly what it was all about. 1,187 more words

High 1 Resort

My Five Favourite Things in February

Holy crap, this year is going fast. March is less than 2 hours away and that also means the start of a new school year in Korea. 1,141 more words

South Korea

Tips for packing for China.

Well if you’re looking at this then congrats you’re joining hundreds of other foreigners making the trek to China. I’m going to offer some tips on how to pack that i think any first timer would appreciate. 1,382 more words