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It's Official!!

Everything is official!! After a weekend of interview prep for an interview which wasn’t all that intimidating, we had our places confirmed!

Madrid, we are coming for you. 80 more words


Where do we go now?

I’m leaving China at the end of my contract, in December. But where should I go?

Let’s start by looking at who I am. I’m an English teacher, that is my profession. 1,547 more words


Conversations with children...logic

Just a normal morning when…

KK has face planted his art book and is waving a pencil around. 45 more words


Hong Kong Adventure-Day 3

We ended up staying in the Tai An for only one night. The morning of the third day we booked a hostel on Hong Kong Island named the Marlboro Inn and headed out to find it. 696 more words

8 Benefits of English (Language) Exchange

As you read the title, you may be thinking that the benefits of a language exchange partner are obvious, right? You get to practice speaking, which leads to improving your fluency. 2,061 more words


The decision whether to study or work in China.

When I first came to China, I wasn’t very interested in learning Mandarin. My aims were to; live in a new country, experience something new, live away from my family, gain new working experience. 678 more words