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Schlemiel, Schlimazl, My neighbor probably thinks I'm crazy

I don’t want to think I have bad luck. In fact, despite life’s major ups and downs, I have a positive outlook. Have even been referred to as bubbly. 664 more words

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Teeth whitening toothpastes

So you’ve probably noticed that shiny new Janina toothpaste in my last post. It’s magical.

Okay, maybe it’s not ‘magic’ magical but I’ve done a bit of research on how to maintain white teeth. 425 more words

Teeth Cleaning Gilbert, AZ

Teeth Cleaning in Gilbert, AZCleaning is a word that is commonly used to…

Oil Pulling Experiment Day 2

Sorry to post so late, it has been a busy Wednesday…

Day two of un-brushed teeth has been rough. My overall symptoms thus far include: 340 more words


Quick thought on the Australopithecus deyiremeda maxilla

It will be lots of work to prep my Human Evolution course for the Fall. This past year has seen many┬ámajor fossil discoveries, and adding to the list is the… 636 more words


Tips & Tricks: Sensitive Teeth Whitening

i think we can all appreciate a nice white smile. There are different ways to attain a white smile and a lot of products that promise to brighten and whiten those enamels. 121 more words

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Healthy Eating for Your Teeth

With summer just around the corner, days are getting longer and busier. Packing nutrient-rich foods, helps strengthen yours and your children’s oral health, making everyone less susceptible to tooth decay. 255 more words