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What happened to all the teen bloggers! I made a blog to talk about what i have left of my teen life and i feel like Im the only one! 68 more words

Teens Reunite

Is it possible for fake hair to get split ends?

Nneka Studies Hair: I Do Not Have Split Ends
I was walking through the halls today and some friends decided to start playing with my hair. 388 more words


He did what?!

Today is Sunday, obviously. So on Sundays every week I want to have a deeper, and more spiritual blog to really get you growing, and thinking throughout the week to come. 424 more words


'Outgrowing' our Favourite Things


Have you ever revisited somewhere you went as a kid? Like a theme park or a playground or just somewhere you thought was amazing when you first went there? 189 more words

Loosing The Mask

Ain't shit niggas.

let me just start off by saying , that I’ve been attacked and targeted by niggas that will never be shit EVER. I have been in a legit ass relationship in a long ass time and all of the individuals that I seem to attract are those who will never care about another human being in their lives other than themselves. 259 more words

The beauty of the world😍🌎

The world is so beautiful, people need to look up and realise that.

I love science i wish I knew more, I mean, space, it (apparently) goes on forever, other planets, black holes, galaxy’s and there are other things out there we haven’t learned yet and the colours😍. 114 more words


Glass Painting for Teens

Experienced glass painters will find this activity a breeze. But it is great fun to do with friends! Get Painting!