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5 Signs That You Live With Teens

*every night you are asked if this outfit matches and looks good together.
My son asks me every night about which outfits he should wear and what looks good.   339 more words


A little dog's journey

ATTENTION: i know usually i write just poetry on this blog, but today i wanted to share with you something else. I hope you enjoy it, if you don’t then i am terribly sorry. 249 more words

Protect Your Brand

There has been a lot of chatter recently on Twitter concerning ‘branding.’ I never really thought about branding and really thought it was a bunch of crap. 544 more words


The demons who control you

I can’t remember what it was like before this.

Ever since the start of that year, 2014 my life went down hill my mind turning into a dark secret monster of sadness, pressure building up, wanting to be perfect with the skinny body and nice thick healthy hair and to be liked by everyone, Ana being by your side when no one else was there, no one else saw things the way you did, your friends telling you it’s wrong, wrong to be sad and depressed, threatening to leave you, so you keep it all in not wanting to annoy them about your problems. 362 more words


The teen years....

as the years went by and the teen years were upon us, it became quite clear to my husband and I that we didn’t not have our girl’s heart. 258 more words


A real life Snapchatter

What’s up guys? I’m your favorite blogger’s favorite brother! He asked me to post on his blog because I am a high school student who uses Snapchat. 332 more words