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Everything in Moderation

   Ever since I was little, I’ve always had this constant need to control things happening in and around my life. It could be led to be reasoned to the fact that I was a middle child from a family with children of three girls. 765 more words


Late night homework

It’s 12:00AM and the boys just finished their reading response assignments for art class. They enjoyed a great day of fun in the sun, dinner, and leisurely baths, then at 11 sat down and did their homework (with me scribing). 53 more words


Friday Date with Roth and Zayne…What? Couldn't decide so I'm dating them both!


I’m still dating the Armentrout boys…yep, I just can’t get enough. This Friday I’m having fun with Roth and Zayne from Stone Cold Touch (The Dark Elements by Jennifer L. 178 more words


Children, Teens, Media, and Body Image

“Target Sparks Body Image Debate With Controversial Photoshop Images” reads one recent Parade headline (schmitz, 2014), while Time recently came out with a story titled “the 300 Workout: How Movies Fuel boys’ Insecurities” (Dockterman, 2014b) and a newly released Today Show/aoL poll documents how teens and young women are “obsessed” with their appearances (Dahl, 2014). 97 more words



College. One of the most questioning words of a teenager’s life. Where will I go? How will I afford it? Will I even like it? Today, society’s goals aren’t to promote education for our youth, but basically teaching them to set one goal. 314 more words


Army Ants

Armed force burrowing little creature is a name that individuals use for ants that move in a line slaughtering each creepy crawly and little creature in their way. 434 more words


8 Reasons Your First Love Will Always Be Your Last (No Matter How Many Relationships You Have)

The longer we ride the train of time, the more people we encounter and the more romantic partners we acquire. But there’s something inexplicably enticing yet simultaneously comforting about our first real love. 325 more words