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The Little Moments

My son recently turned 15. It’s hard to believe he is that old already. I remember when we brought him home from the hospital and he rested in my arms just days old as we (Him and I.) “watched” his first Super Bowl together. 716 more words


Chevy tough my ass

Slice 87 of 365

I have been seeing a Chevy commercial lately, and now again just ten second ago, which is really irking me. They claim they are showing real people, not actors, a picture of two men in the same location. 212 more words


I was eating lunch in the break room at work the other day when my phone buzzed in my pocket. I instinctively reached for it as I swirled another forkful of spaghetti squash around my plastic fork. 964 more words


Brown Eyes

He had brown eyes.

I know that comes off as something boring when put into words, there is only so many ways you can write about the color brown and romanticize it. 122 more words


I’m reading The Catcher in the Rye this week. I’m really enjoying this “book a week” thing I have going. Holden Caufield is such a teenager. 226 more words


Growing up

In june, I will become 18…a legal adult! This is very scary.  Even though it is not that old, it is still a major step in my life.   569 more words

Everyday Relatable Drama

Daylight Saving Time And Your Child: How To Spring Ahead

This weekend we “spring ahead” on Sunday, March 8th by setting our clocks ahead an hour as we re-enter daylight saving time. If you do not have children (and are not working overnight), this is a bit of a bummer and you lose an hour of sleep.   628 more words