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He Got Her Breakfast. 

So the receptionist at the office is a lovely looking 19-year old. She’s got an outgoing personality and is very fashionable.

I like to play big sister by listening to her and giving her some tough advice when it comes to boyfriends (if I were her, I won’t listen to me! 402 more words

Erin - Early 2000, Cont. #5

I hadn’t yet discussed it with Steven, but before I found out about Erin, I’d been considering having another baby – we weren’t too old yet (almost, but not quite). 1,149 more words



When it gets dark, everything’s surprisingly clear.

Like your intentions. Mine on the other hand are mostly shy.

As I sit here staring at my coffee, I can’t help but think about us. 81 more words


So, I was enjoying the morning sunshine in the veranda today, and I noticed this thing.

That’s a tomato.
Hanging from the tomato plant I didn’t know existed. 66 more words

We Live as We Dream

The comfortable warmth of an unkempt bed full of memories to the bitter apprehension of facing another tedious day.

The echoes of an empty house to the uneaten food carefully arranged on the dining table. 579 more words

Dear Child,

Wavy brown hair. Brown eyes. A mind full ideas and wishes. When she smiles her whole face lights up. When she frowns she still looks beautiful. 420 more words

How cool is this? My daughter is illustrating my current novel for her senior high school art class. I believe she has a dozen to do in all. This be #3.