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The Hushing Days has finally claimed paper, a riotous amount of ink and paperclips aplenty.

The whole of the novel lies across my kitchen table in an inelegant sprawl reminiscent of a long-legged teenager just in from finals. 118 more words


The story of how some lady got me off my lazy ass.

Aka my first quote.

“A lot of people dream. And while they are busy dreaming, the really interesting, powerful, engaged people are busy doing”.- Shonda Rhimes. 415 more words

My Idiotic Life

GUEST POST: My thoughts on suicide- By Kate Byrne

I have been in touch with another amazing writer who wanted to write something for my site. I love that people want to share their stories and thoughts and experiences on here, and I want to give a massive shout out to… 344 more words


There are many forms of release. This is because different people handle stress and negativity differently. Some people mutilate themselves while others take drugs and smoke. 457 more words


It rained today. After staring out the window for an hour, my fingers tapping to the rhythm of the rain, I encountered an idea that teenagers of this generation cringe at; going outside. 554 more words

Black Rain Jacket

Student Digs

I didn’t go to university when I left school.  Once I was out and had a say  I fought all forms of educational establishment and set out on my own pioneering journey of discovery……          That does not mean I have closed that chapter.   833 more words


"Call me immature."

Alright, I should warn you about a few things before you begin reading.

1. I make a lot of stereotypical jokes. – I don’t mean any of them, I just say it to be funny. 220 more words