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Will everyone find "the one"? 

Today (well, yesterday, but I haven’t slept yet so for me it is today) this thing came to my head.

I can’t remember why but I thought: I can die right now, and I’ll be ok. 215 more words

Benefits of Greek Life

This one is for the nonbelievers, the contemplating, and the fellow greeks! Greek life has been looked down upon and shunned for so many reasons, and I want to prove them wrong! 1,096 more words


Chapter Four: Hardship Truly Begins

I had no sooner gotten home with Michael than I remembered – there wasn’t a scrap of food in the house. We had to turn right back around and go to the grocery store. 797 more words

Teen Mom Challenge

Kekla and Paolo

Although we are not officially up and running, we have to give a shout out to Kekla Magoon and Paolo Bacigalupi!  We had 2 classes read the ARCs (Advanced Reader Copy) of their novels, How It Went Down ( 40 more words
Book Club

Ensuing Concepts E2

So my first post got a reasonably good reception, which I found astounding given the fact I wrote it  purely based on my opinions of the modern day artistic awareness, so I would like to thank you all for that, I’ve wrote this post at least 3 times over looking for a good topic that somewhat interests the amazing people that read my posts, along the way I realized that this blog is just my opinion on things that matter, so today im writing about how I want to write a book, I am absolutely clueless as to what the main topic of the book will be, I don’t consider myself a budding novelist, and I certainly don’t intend to be the next J.K Rowling writing fantasy books for millions to enjoy, I hope to write for a niche, and I hope to open the minds of people who don’t see things the way we do (“We” being you the reader, and I the writer). 213 more words


"Ensnared" by Kriston Johnson + a giveaway!

I’m happy to be part of the cover reveal of Ensnared by Kriston Johnson! Ensnared is the second book in The Legends of Elyndia series, which began with the first book,  340 more words


Boys and Things


It has been such a long time since I’ve attempted blogging. When I say blogging, that doesn’t include simple Tumblr. I mean actually writing out my thoughts, feelings, adventures, and daily escapades. 398 more words

Boy Drama