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Newcomer PROMPT: What is your favorite part about your mom?

Can I make you a crown of lilacs?

Could I weave together each of the branches

You so lovingly spared from shears on a hot April day? 173 more words


Camp NaNoWriMo 2015


Good day, everyone! I won both Camp NaNoWrimo + NaPoWrimo 2015! :)

I’v been taking a writing vacation lately, (well not really, I wrote 2119 words for a random new novel idea yesterday and today) 371 more words


Here’s a little update on my life…

I won the Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year. When they announced my name I thought I was going to pass out on the couch. 324 more words

High School

Heartkill Drama

Any aspirin I consume
won’t aid the tortuous sore stressing my chest out.
I’ve visited every doctor in Seattle
and they all tell me the same exact thing. 191 more words

finding wordpress. (first post)

As I was pondering what the hell I want to do with my life on one of my everlasting, bare nights, a thought came across my mind: 105 more words

First Post


I’m Mackenzie and this is my blog!

I’m a Canadian high school student who lives on a mini farm every other weekend, plays hockey, and acts! 23 more words


On Thermodynamics and Leaving - Matt Grydzuk 

There are so many documents in my google drive that are just lines of text with nothing to grab onto but other words and vowel sounds god bless onomatopoeias god bless the fact that I identify with them god bless the fact that I cannot find words to say… 242 more words