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Sunflower Spring Book Haul ~ March 2015

It’s been a little over a week since spring has started, and I couldn’t be more excited for the flowers to bloom! Most importantly, however, I love reading new books during the rainy portions of April. 346 more words

My Most Favourite Place. Ever.

Take my hand. (Holds hand out)

Are you ready?



(Changes pitch) No? (Puts hand down)

(Sighs) You’re worse than my little brother, you really are. 1,168 more words



Hiya! If you’ve been keeping up with my blog for a while you know that I released a few short stories through the inter-web a few months ago. 145 more words

Short Stories

Dancing Queen Silhouette

Under the umbra,
she slays incandescence.
With the heartbeat of a lightning spark,
her body maneuvers through rhythmic adolescence
and ecstatic stroboscopic skies.

Bass drums collapse… 18 more words


When I first lied down on your bed

when I studied the brown of your fireplace

the brown of the blunt in your hand outside… 208 more words

I'm Glad I Have You Part 2

Talking to her for the first time in weeks makes me giddy with happiness:

“Kristen, I ended up pregnant.”

My heart beat does not slow down… 117 more words


That’s what happens.

You let people in and they destroy you from the inside out. They leave their marks scratched into your bones, burst from your skin like a reverse bullet and what do you do? 55 more words