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The Actress

The Actress

With the theatre empty,
The ovation a distant memory,
Only the lead actress remains.

Elaborate costumes long since replaced
By a hoodie and sweats, 43 more words


Kalei Kites' Writerly Advice Chronicles ~ Novel-ISH Glamour

Gla·mour (n.) ~ the feeling of excitement a writer experiences, when they imagine their brand, new novel idea in an idealistic way.

Every writer undergoes this stage at the beginning of the writing process. 440 more words


This was taken the first day of Upward Bound. I stayed up a l l night because I was super uncomfortable on that cardboard box they call a bed.  231 more words

Teen Writer

How I Wish They Knew

How I Wish They Knew

How I wish they knew
That my smile’s not true,
And behind my eyes
Is a little girl who cries. 24 more words


I Am

I am the unspoken words on your lips
I am what makes your heart tingle with magic
I am the rush of blood in your veins… 99 more words


Artsy Fartsy

Is writing really an art?

Am I even ‘good’ at it?

These are questions I am forever asking myself. I’d like to think I am one of those creative cool people who creates different things and has more than one skill, but do I even have one skill?! 111 more words



You carry your heart out onto the shore,
hoping someone will favor it so much more
than you already do.

A blasting salt spray
sprinkles your knees… 158 more words