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Underneath the Same Big Sky

How does a pizza taste when you ordered it an hour and a half ago and it finally shows up?  Not bad. Noooooooot bad.  For a moment I pondered as to whether the crust seemed stale but unless we are in a time warp, how could that be?   988 more words

The Simple Truth: Co-parenting

I got pregnant when I was 14 years old and had my son, Christopher, in the year that I turned 15. My parents and I have always had the agreement that they would primarily raise him until I graduated college and was financially stable enough to support both my son and myself. 795 more words


Erin - Early 2000, cont. #4

I didn’t sleep much, but the worst night of my life was finally over. However, now a day promising equal brutality, or worse, was beginning. How had Erin slept? 1,399 more words


Erin - Early 2000, cont. #3

Steven, our steadfast keeper of the tribe, was not going to receive the news well.  What father wants to think of his sixteen-year-old daughter having sex, much less getting pregnant and having a baby?   1,324 more words


System Failure

What do you do when the system fails a young, poor girl? Who is to blame? What is the remedy for the cycle of poverty? 421 more words

Dear Diary

Guest Post: Somebody Needs To Hear By Tricia Goyer

Not to long ago I was a lost soul when I picked up my first Tricia Goyer book that she co-authored with Kristen Jane Anderson called… 559 more words

Christian Living

Erin - Early 2000, cont.

Coincidentally, Erin had an appointment with the family doctor the next day – she said she wasn’t feeling well.

Her revelation of this fact hovered over my thoughts; logic again preparing to infiltrate folly. 750 more words