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Writing is one of my passions. During high school I wrote screeds of fictional stories and quirky fables and then later it was poetry about boys who broke my heart.   102 more words


What Would You Do To Empower Girls?

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Girls rock! I say that because I work with them… and well, I am one. Girls often don’t recognize all they are capable of, I sure didn’t when I was young. 396 more words

Mean Girls


Dear Younger Me,

Love, Love, Love. . . .Yes that boy is so cute and he is so sweet and ooh, what a great athlete he is. 468 more words


Female Social Rules

Who are we trying to impress
with our compliance to
their ever changing rules?
Who will have our backs
when the crowd turns against us? 50 more words


CBS Schoolbreak Special: Never Say Goodbye

TV series 13 seasons. s5e2
Year: 1984-1996
Year in film: 1988
Country: USA
Who in bibs: Patti ~15 ? 113 more words



TV series, 4 ep
–Year: 2015
–Year in film: 2010s ?
–Country: Denmark
–Who in bibs: Kristoffer ~7, teen girl
–Available on DVD: no ? 90 more words


Police In Ohio Rough Up Teen Girls At Public Pool!

Police used excessive force and pepper spray on a pregnant woman and several children, who allegedly resisted arrest at a Fairfield, Ohio pool. The woman’s attorney accuses the officers and pool staff of racism.