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Wind at My Back – Season 5

“Canadian Waltons” 5 seasons + film
Year: 2001
-Year in film: 1936 ?
-Country: Canada
-Who in bibs: Fat 15, Maisey ~19, others… 124 more words


Wind at My Back – Season 4

“Canadian Waltons” 5 seasons + film
Year: 2000
-Year in film: 1935
-Country: Canada
-Who in bibs: Fat 14, Maisey ~18, boy ~4… 231 more words


Schloss Einstein - ep 825

A teen girl doing farm chores in medium blue bibs but with a jacket and just one very brief scene. S17e33.

Rebroadcasting next Saturday or online. 54 more words


Story 87: several new historic pics

10 new pics from loc.gov . Mainly or all from the child labor album. Many are simple, floppy and worn bibs, maybe even non-jeans. The FSA farm bibs are often much better. 17 more words



Kids reality TV magazine. 63+ ep.
-Year: 2012-
-Year in film: 2010s
-Country: Germany
-Who in bibs: teen boys, girls, man, woman… 132 more words


Update 2: Dallas (1978)

14 or 15 yo Omri Katz as John Ross junior in light blue bibs in s14e18. One strap down. Also rear view but one or two very brief scenes only and mainly from a distance and not perfect. 161 more words


Rediscovering Hinkletown - A Prairie Ghost Town

Video documentary. Unreleased ?
-Year: 2008 *
-Year in film: 1943
-Country: USA
-Who in bibs: girl ~9,13. 317 more words