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Info 360: Update (teen boys)

First Schloss Einstein ep 839. 15 yo Stefan Wiegand as Tobias in dark blue tight non-jeans working bibs (I think for the first time). Zipper pocket on top bib and green rubber boots (doing chores, about 5 or 6 scenes). 94 more words


Updates: Schloss Einstein + Tiere bis unters Dach

A young teen girl in dark shortalls in yesterday’s episode 838 (pictured). Maybe it’s Lisa Nestler like in ep. 830.

One scene in the middle at the episode but some better scenes at the end. 65 more words


Two Rules on Disciplining an Angry Teenage Boy

1. STAY CALM In the contest of who-can-get-angrier, the teen boy will win. If you yell, he will and can yell louder with massive, hormone-engorged vocal cords. 441 more words


A Christmas to Remember (1978)

TV drama starring Jason Robards
–Year: 1978
–Year in film: 1939
–Country: USA
–Who in bibs: Rusty 13
–Available on DVD: no
–I own: no… 89 more words


Bristle Face

Disney TV drama
–Year: 1964
–Year in film: 1920s
–Country: USA
–Who in bibs: Jace 14
–Available on DVD: no
–I own: no
–Bib occurence: often ? 94 more words


Now on TV: Katrin ist die Beste

Family series, 30 ep.
–Year: 1996-1997
–Year in film: 1990s
–Country: Germany
–Who in bibs: Robby ~15
–Available on DVD: no
–I own: no, partly TV recording… 114 more words


Schloss Einstein – ep 834

Very good episode aired on last Saturday. Dominik (left, played by 13 or now 14 yo Yannick Rau) and Raphael (right) in dark blue non-jeans farm working bibs and green rubber boots, also Henk (new in this season) walking and sitting (close up) in purple bibs. 85 more words