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Dear Younger Me,

Love, Love, Love. . . .Yes that boy is so cute and he is so sweet and ooh, what a great athlete he is. 468 more words


Update: Einspruch für die Liebe

Had been aired today. I only have seen the last 15 minutes. Also still on YouTube.

Next to the young boy in faded bibs also 2 teen boys in working bibs (white and dark blue). 22 more words


Day 2

Our nine year old respite girl is here and we’re on day 2. I’ve gotten her to open up about how it’s going with her current foster family and how her summer has been. 224 more words

10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

Comedy film starring Heath Ledger
–Year: 1999
–Year in film: 1990s
–Country: USA
–Who in bibs: teen girls, teen boy
–Available on DVD: yes
–I own: yes, partly TV recording… 104 more words


Teenagers on the side

Oh goodness. So I have a teenager.  Yes 17 yr old.  Well I decided to help him clean his room today while hero was in pre k. 89 more words


The Hoboken Chicken Emergency

Family film starring Benny Baker
–Year: 1984
–Year in film: 1980s
–Country: USA
–Who in bibs: Arthur ~13
–Available on DVD: VHS only
–I own: no… 92 more words


Info 360: Update (teen boys)

First Schloss Einstein ep 839. 15 yo Stefan Wiegand as Tobias in dark blue tight non-jeans working bibs (I think for the first time). Zipper pocket on top bib and green rubber boots (doing chores, about 5 or 6 scenes). 94 more words