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The curse of cool

I’ve always been a huge nerd. I mean that in a positive way – mostly because I think of nerds as the people who engage themselves mentally in order to endlessly expand their expertise in their interests. 297 more words


Why We Need to Rethink Capitalism


This is my TED talk for the week. I cannot believe what good info there is in TED – in such an easy-to-digest format – videos that do not last for more then 20 minutes.  75 more words


The real reason for brains

The real reason for brains

“Neuroscientist Daniel Wolpert starts from a surprising premise: the brain evolved, not to think or feel, but to control movement. In this entertaining, data-rich talk he gives us a glimpse into how the brain creates the grace and agility of human motion.”


Question Formulation Technique: Teaching the skill of questioning

Did Socrates got it wrong?” – Prof.Dan Rothstein starts his TED Talk with this question.

What if we let the students ask questions instead of the teacher. 23 more words


You May Already Know About Her Epic Swim From Cuba To Florida, But Do You Know What Happened After?

We’ve all heard that little in our head voice saying “Don’t give up!” when things get tough. Well, after this TED Talk, now my little voice sounds a lot like this amazing long-distance swimmer. 16 more words