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Nature. Beauty. Gratitude. ~ Louie Schwartzberg

For many people, art is something that is comforting and inspiring.  When we have an open mind and an open heart, many possibilities exist and we are able to find solutions to our problems.  74 more words

Most Shared Value of 2015: Public Shaming

I never really understood the whole story of Monica Lewinsky until recently, when I watched her TED Talk video on public shaming. She had kept herself out of the limelight for over a decade, but now, she’s sharing her story. 487 more words

How I got my Running Mojo Back

Back when I was in my twenties and thirties – and it seems a depressingly long time ago – I was quite fit.  I generally ran about 20-30 miles a week, worked out with weights in the gym, swam three days out of five and played amateur club rugby reasonably regularly.   1,406 more words

Improvised TED Talk

I was selected as an artist to perform at TEDx Stockholm. I was super excited about this because I am a huge TED fan, and was happy to hear that they also have artists performing as well as inspiring talks. 128 more words


Morgana Bailey: The danger of hiding who you are


Morgana Bailey is a human resources activist who wants to see the diversity of society reflected in the workplace


Morgana is a lesbian who came out during this TED talk, but doesn’t want to be defined by that. 266 more words

Tedx Talk - Buckingham:

I was lucky enough to sit in on a TEDx talk out on in my local town this past weekend and I wanted to share some of the experience with you, 681 more words


The Power of Being Wrong

When I originally started this blog my ultimate goal was to discuss my brother and dig deeper into the mind of an 8-year-old. What I’ve found is that this task is harder than it seems.  276 more words