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Why Should Women Always Have To Compromise?

The kind of society I’ve been brought up in, it puts the men on a much higher pedestal than women. Women’s main aim in life is to find a good husband whom she will have to look after and bear his children. 252 more words

Philip Zimbardo: The demise of guys?


Philip George Zimbardo is a psychologist and a professor emeritus at Stanford University. He became known for his 1971 Stanford prison experiment and has since authored various introductory psychology books, textbooks for college students, and other notable works, including The Lucifer Effect… 358 more words

Bubbleboy and the Internet

If you haven’t found yourself watching TED talk videos, there is no better on to get started with than Eli Parise’s Speech “Beware online ‘filter bubbles.’” It is short, simple, and talks about search engines in a way that you may never have considered before. 385 more words

Make stress your friend

I saw an interesting TED talk about stress. The psychologist Kelly McGonigal is saying that it is not being stressed that is bad for you, it is believing that stress it bad for you. 24 more words


Holes in a system…

If you are reading this blog I want you to imagine yourself sitting at a camp fire. It’s a night that you can see the stars shine. 358 more words


Prison - The Most Unpoetic Place To Create Poetry

Dicen que para ser Poeta,
hay que bajar alguna vez al infierno

- Cristina Domenech

Cristina Domenech is an Argentinian Poet and Educator who did a…

472 more words