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Standard 12: Evaluate and Use Technology for Teaching and Learning

Throughout EDTC 6433 Teaching with Technology, I have learned various technology tools as well as how to implement them into my classroom improving student growth and learning.  1,534 more words

12: Evaluate And Use Technology For Teaching And Learning

Digital Learning in Georgia

Last week I tweeted good news from Digital Learning Now about the state of digital learning in Georgia. In short, Georgia got a B-. But as with any grade, it’s important to know a few things. 2,309 more words

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Capstone Project EDU 699: Elementary Blog Training Project


Blogging has traditionally been seen as an outlet for adults to express themselves, but what about children? This project will center around training elementary teachers to use blogs as a digital space for students’ writing.   131 more words

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Testing out new softwares

Our school bought SMART Notebook Advantage which is an annual paid subscription program that gives us access to some really great learning resources that are not available in Notebook 11.  60 more words

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rentalresult Rental Technology Platform: JRebel


In a typical software developer’s daily routine, making a code change available for testing is one of the biggest causes of productivity slowdown. The time it usually takes to get to the point where a piece of code can be tested is measured in minutes. 265 more words


Improving Moodle's Usability, Part 2

Last week’s “Improving Usability of Moodle Course Sites” addressed the first 3 of 6 actions listed below; today’s post offers strategies for an additional 3 actions you can take to ensure usability in your Moodle course websites: 1,139 more words

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The Pop Up Museum (#EdCampCobb 3.14.15)

In my last post, I shared my experience at edCamp Cobb, which, admittedly, was some time ago. Part 1 explained how to use Symbaloo, a bookmarking tool, to create a Choose Your Own Adventure story. 1,913 more words

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