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How do you know when you've arrived ?

I will start this last post with a quote that I used at the beginning of our journey:

“Any road will get you there is you don’t know where you are going.”
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Too Many Terrific Tempting Apps


JavaScript required to play Tapedeckb.

The transition to OS-X Yosemite seems to have resulted in minimum messups. A few incompatibility issues but none that warranted my reverting back to an earlier version. 351 more words

Curious David

How much tinkering should one do with a course that seems to work well?

I continue¬†to experiment with my “best” course to make it better by finding the right balance of technology-assisted and personally- delivered instruction. I have been pleased at the helpfulness, useful feedback and receptiveness of students as we “experiment.” 258 more words

Curious David

deLevie: Tools for working with FCC legal data: fccrcd.link and ecfs.link

Alan deLevie of 18F has launched two tools for working with legal data from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC):


  • Description:

    Provides permalinks to the FCC Record…

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Hitachi Interactive Projector

We just got a Hitachi interactive projector for one of our classes.  This projector can be used with a white board or a wall and suddenly they become interactive surfaces! 50 more words

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