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Rev-Up Your Browsers : Getting Started

Listen here, I know we believe these children are tech savvy and full of  computer knowledge but I will say it like the old toy the Speak and Spell would say, “You, are Incorrect!” We have to start at the very beginning, I mean crawling out of the play pen beginning.   332 more words


ISTE 2015: Expanding Your Classroom Walls Poster Session

On Monday, December 15th 2014, my classmate Kaleigh phoned me with a burst of excitement. She had checked her email before me, which meant she read our email from ISTE (International Society for Technology Education). 312 more words

Global Education

Applied Educational Technology and Innovation on Education

Some faculty engage in the integration of technology for teaching and learning very easy, others find plenty of excuses for not to implement technology on education. 110 more words


Distance Learning and Administrators Training in Basic Education: The Importance, Principles and Meanings in Contemporaneity

Read  full  paper  at:



Naura Syria Carapeto Ferreira


Tuiuti University of Paraná, Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil.


This article addresses three fundamental elements in contemporaneity for Brazilians and worldwide people: The Distance Learning, the Administrators Training and the Basic Education. 592 more words

Free Community Technology Repair and Education

Fix-It Tech Events

A free community technology education event providing computer hardware repair, education and tech support.


Friday, January 30, 1:30 – 4:30 p.m. … 158 more words


Superheroes at Burlington Public Schools

Batman has always been my favorite superhero for the sheer fact that he does not have super powers. He taught everyone that you do not need to fly in from another planet or be bitten by a spider to help people. 438 more words

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useful app for students..RefME

This week I am providing the seventh out of seven useful APP for students.

RefMe application

Nowadays the worst part of any essay, become the simplest by one click. 80 more words

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