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I read this article recently in our Melbourne newspaper The Age, titled Generation Overstimulation? Generation Y’s addiction to being busy.

It’s not just Gen Y that’s feeling overstimulated, I can tell you! 506 more words

Self Publishing

OnePlus Sells Out of Free Version of Google Cardboard

Don’t get too excited. If you scanned the news and saw some reports that OnePlus—makers of the somewhat-hard-to-get OnePlus One smartphone—was giving away a free version of Google Cardboard, then it’s already too late. 274 more words


Dubai Plans to Construct World's First 3D Printed Office Building

Dubai said it would construct a small office building using a 3D printer for the first time, in a drive to develop technology that would cut costs and save time as the city grows. 147 more words


How not to build a tribe

You don’t know the material.  RTFM.  I can’t talk to you until you’ve read these books, done this work, passed this test, worked on this open source project.   203 more words


'Her Story' is a Compelling New Type of #Interactive #Storytelling | Ars Technica #video #gaming #transmedia

To anyone who was paying attention to video games in the mid-’90s, the term “FMV game” probably still inspires snorts of derision. The handful of titles that shoehorned simple gameplay on top of highly compressed full-motion video (FMV) usually suffered from low-quality sound and images, poor production values, limited interaction options, and ponderous repetition of a few short video clips through multiple plays. 127 more words


Researchers in Japan Show off Super Fast Laser #Holograms You Can Touch | Mashable #lasers #tech #holographics

The dream of being able to touch and interact with holograms was the subject of many science fiction stories, but a lab in Japan has actually accomplished the feat. 45 more words


My Summary is quite different than what the trolls are saying, huh? Well what I say is the TRUE reality of what actually happened.

No one was bothering A.L. Goodwin for the longest time.  She had the nerve to blog about me and when I blogged about her back linking her REAL name, she had the nerve to make a support ticket at the WordPress forum saying I was slandering her when she is the one who is slandering me.   216 more words