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It's going to take a much bigger lawsuit than Ellen Pao's to fight sexism in Silicon Valley

Ellen Pao lost.

Pao, the former venture capitalist and current interim CEO of Reddit, sued her former firm, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, for allegedly failing to promote her because of her gender, then retaliating by firing her after she sued them. 584 more words

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How Far Samsung’s Galaxy S Phones Have Come, in One GIF

This mesmerising GIF shows just how far Samsung’s Galaxy S phones have come over the years. Read More >>

from Gizmodo UK http://ift.tt/1EgbHc1


PC Gaming Week: Nvidia G-Sync vs AMD FreeSync

In the frame

Calling all gamers, we have good news and bad news. The good news is that AMD and Nvidia have both solved the problem of screen tearing and frame stuttering in demanding PC games. 1,029 more words


Running Man of Tech: A race into the night showed me the future of running

Running without a finish

There’s something about running that creates a duality in most people, from the new runner to the most seasoned trotter.

On the one hand the feeling of oxygen in the lungs, the notion that you’re actually doing something rather than festering on the sofa is brilliant and intoxicating. 1,045 more words


To Feed the World, We May Need to Hack Photosynthesis

One of the biggest challenges of the 21st century will be figuring out how to feed our rising global population. Now, some scientists are making the radical claim that growing more food won’t be enough—we literally need to hack photosynthesis. 592 more words


What a $20 billion startup looks like when it's just starting out, and everyone thinks the idea is stupid: Here's Airbnb's first-ever pitch deck

Airbnb is a great startup success story. It’s reportedly raising a new round of financing that will value the company around $20 billion.

But when Airbnb was first getting started in 2008, the founders struggled and would-be investors snubbed their idea. 132 more words

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