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Iris scanners can now identify us from 40 feet away

Biometric technologies are on the rise. By electronically recording data about individual’s physical attributes such as fingerprints or iris patterns, security and law enforcement services can quickly identify people with a high degree of accuracy. 8 more words


A Whimpering Ending for the NSA's Illegal Dragnet Spying Program

The National Security Agency’s controversial bulk phone data collection program is winding down with a weird whimper following an especially bilious round of legislative squabbling. … 392 more words


As Blockchain Summit kicks off, angry women can piss off

It’s been a little over a month now since Bill Tai and the other organizers of the Blockchain Summit announced the moderators and participants lists for their inaugural event on Richard Branson’s private Caribbean isle. 680 more words


Add Ice Water to Burger Patties to Keep Them Moist

We thought we’d come across every burger-making tip out there, from how to pack the patties correctly to the right way to smash burgers. But here’s a smart-sounding one we’d never heard of until now: to keep patties extra juicy, add a little ice water to your meat. 149 more words


Bling out your Apple Watch in 18K gold on a budget

Don’t have $10,000 (about UK£6,464, AU$12,779) or more lying around to buy a gold-plated Apple Watch Edition model? That’s okay, because a new service can make it look like you’re a big spender for the same cost as Cupertino’s cheapest wearable. 272 more words


Charter said to be close to $55 billion deal for Time Warner Cable

According to several reports, Charter Communications Inc. is close to announcing the acquisition of competing cable network Time Warner Cable Inc. for as much as $55 billion. 400 more words


Meet BRETT, the robot that learns by trial and error

Robots are remarkably efficient at handling pre-programmed tasks ranging from remarkably simple to incredibly complex. Tasks such as vacuuming a floor, flying an airplane, or near-complete assembly of modern automobiles are all currently within the realm of robot capabilities. 79 more words