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Practical Magic

How do we use technology without it letting it use us? Been thinking about this idea lately, some recent films have thrust this theme to the forefront (like the superb… 669 more words

Scientists Hope Tiny Asexual Animals Can Teach Us Why Sex Works

Sex is how most animals reproduce, so you might wonder why some scientists are using a tiny asexual animal to study it. In an article published last winter at… 238 more words


10 Supposedly Futuristic Technologies in Movies That Look So Dated Now

Movies—no matter how groundbreaking or vision changing or future defining—are trapped under the limitations of the technology of their time.

from Gizmodo UK http://ift.tt/1FRQCnT


Visa May Downgrade FIFA’s Credit Rating Over Corruption Arrests

Wants "swift and immediate" steps to be taken or it’ll be cutting up FIFA’s cards and ending event sponsorship.

from Gizmodo UK http://ift.tt/1FRQAwh


Windows 10 release date tipped for July, again

We may well be only a few weeks away from the full debut of Microsoft’s new flagship operating system, Windows 10.

Two more fairly reliable sources, Tom Warren from… 261 more words


Your brain is wired the same way that Facebook is

Neuroscientists from the University of California have discovered that during quiet moments, our brains prepare us for being socially connected to other people.

In experiments, the researchers showed people photos with captions while tracking their brain activity. 284 more words