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True Skate

Many of us remember the original Tony Hawk Pro Skater that came on a PlayStation demo disk and were immediately hooked to the franchise. This game singlehandedly put the fire of skateboarding in all of our blood driving us to learn the real world pain of bailing out. 339 more words


Tech Deck Game

I have the Tech Deck game on my phone and its pretty cool. You start off in Chinatown and you have to win a tournament against 5 different skaters to unlock the next area: 111 more words

Video Games

Analysis of the 25 Highest Rated Companies Hiring Interns in 2014 by Glassdoor

So before this becomes outdated, I just wanted to share some thoughts on what Glassdoor published for this year in terms of the highest rated companies by interns. 248 more words


Coding Interview Tips and Tricks

So I decided to compile a bunch of fun interview topics of interest and questions. This will be updated as I myself learn more about the whole proceess. 229 more words


Oh dear.

That pitiful and embarrassing moment when you realize the only reason you haven’t seen any of your contributions committed on the Github profile graph thingamajig is because you used a different email address. :eek:


Speech: Robotics In The Workforce

Created May 2014

This was a speech I made for my Oral Communications class regarding the idea of technology (robots) taking over the economy.

Today I’ll be discussing past and current examples of technological dependence in the economy.

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Integrating Your School Emails with Airmail

So I have 4 different email accounts, my personal one, and then 3 other ones for the different universities I’ll be attending this summer for classes (YEAHHHH, it’s a drag). 687 more words