Tags » Tears


Passing of time has lost meaning
I cannot find you no more..
see the allure of life in your eyes
To let your voice bask my soul… 68 more words

Your Arrival

My ears can’t hear you on the phone
I Can’t touch you, but I sense your cologne
Guess my senses are malfunctioning
‘ cause you’re with me, I’m not alone… 119 more words

The Days of Shadows

I wish it would go away
The dark shadow that’s engulfed us
The ambivalence of right or wrong
This curse that has wounded us

Painful, shameful, and filthy… 75 more words

The Canary

Song can’t be forced to a captive bird
The glory of a bird lies in flight
Free him to feel the pulse of life
Imbued again to sing from heart… 116 more words

Silence Between

At last reality has opened my eyes
I said it all and take it back I can’t
Despite all his sentiments, or rather lies
Didn’t mind erasing me, & was content… 148 more words

The Dawn of Darkness

my endeared missing piece is lost
Now I roll incompletely across
It’s an odd new territory
The wrong ending for our story

Desaturated, I succumb… 89 more words


Tears sting

Sliding down her cheeks

An acidic rain

A downpour washing her skin

Peeling each layer

Till her bones lay bear

Gnawed and devoid of emotions… 212 more words