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Condensed Emotions

It’s very heavy
under the painful slew
condensed emotions
and emptied cans
of Campbell’s soup
A sip
and salty slurp
brings back
all the tears… 96 more words


All around you......

Distance between you us spacious, You can’t feel me and I am also not in front of you, Shadow of my emotions can be mingle with you, 231 more words

Projects to be finished, don't forget!

Good morning/afternoon, hope you’re all well wherever in the world you are? So today’s tasks were to clean and do some networking ie, sell some makeup for my Younique enterprise. 392 more words


What stops me crying?

Sometimes I feel like crying but can’t seem to get the tears out. It’s something I used to struggle with all the time, now it is less frequent, and I’ve been trying to figure out what has helped me cry more easily, and what I can do on those days when I still feel I would like to cry, but can’t. 491 more words

The uncertain journey- Life.


I’ve seen castles made out of sand,

Met people who believe destiny is engraved on the palm of their hands.

I’ve seen people change their faith, 121 more words

Random Stories

The End

Can we go back to that feeling, that time

When I felt I was yours and you were mine

When love seemed so easy like taking in air… 96 more words


choking on my tears

I can’t live in fear forever life shouldn’t be like this, hiding from the world feeling guilt. I am so stressed, no matter what I do isn’t enough for people to accept me it is like I am losing myself in the crowd, I don’t know who I am anymore and if I can take all of this together. 64 more words